“With Justice For All”

Private Investigator Warren Yates has the credentials, expertise and experience having successfully solved hundreds of cases for clients.  He gathers the evidence you need methodically and thoroughly  in order to solve your case.  You can count on Yates.
  • – Free consultation
  • – Local and state wide investigations
  • – Former police officer, hostage negotiator, and investigator
  • – Law enforcement officer for 27 years
  • – Private investigator for 9 years
  • – Confidential and discreet
  • – Licensed with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
  • – Divorce cases including infidelity, adultery and child custody
  • – State of the art surveillance equipment
  • – Criminal and fraud investigations
  • – Missing persons
  • – Civil cases including personal injury
  • – Expert witness testimony – police misconduct

Private Investigator in Modesto, CA

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$45.00 + $4.00 S&H.

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Key Features
Extremely Powerful 25 Million Volts
The PHX-800 is the Original Mini Stun Gun. Don’t settle for weak, inferior knockoffs!
4 Prongs and 2 Spikes For Double Shocking and Penetrating Power
Mini Size, Conceals Easily – Only 4-1/4″ tall, 2 1/8″ wide and 1″ thick – Slips easily into a pocket or purse.
Built in LED Flashlight & Built in Charger
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Safety switch prevents accidental discharges
Lifetime Warranty Free replacement except for abuse.