My writings on this case may become shorter and fewer as I have to spend more time in the new year working on other cases I have been assigned to. My co-author Tom Jensen is certainly doing a great job in presenting the daily events in this case. My musings will add some color and confirmation of Tom’s stories.

December 29, 2015, a day which will live in infamy in the infinitesimal mind of an infinitesimal street thug. Patrick Hampton resumed the stand this morning and almost immediately began his vitriolic responses to questions from defense attorneys on cross-examination. You have to remember that under the milquetoast mollycoddling direct examination by deputy Dist. Atty. Ferrera, Hampton probably thought this was going to be a smooth ride in court.

Defense attorney Martinez asked Hampton if in the January 2014 interview with Kirk and Jake if he provided information on a homicide case. Hostile, oops I mean Hampton, Freudian slip there as those words seem interchangeable in this hearing, answered, just because I do doesn’t mean I’m an informant. He then said, I’m no snitch was you? He then said I don’t know was I?
As Hampton’s testimony continued I began keeping score on the number of times he said I don’t know or I don’t remember or I don’t recall. I gave up in the early afternoon testimony as I get tired of keeping score at 49.

He was asked if he’s ever lied in a case and he answered I’ve always been honest with law enforcement. I guess a jury would have to decide about his credibility and honesty after being advised of his extensive criminal record. There’s a difference in being honest and telling law enforcement what they want to hear.

He was then asked that wearing orange in jail means that that person is in protective custody as a witness or one who cooperates with law enforcement and Hampton stated yes. He was asked if he ever received money for being an informant and he stated no.

He was then asked if he had gone gambling at the Chicken Ranch Casino on Monday. Well the Dist. Atty. immediately objected and called for sidebar and Hampton was removed from the courtroom. When a resume the stand under questioning she stated that he has no job and he is a criminal and that’s where he gets his money from.

In reference to the gambling at the Chicken Ranch Casino on Monday and alluding to the fact that he was on ankle bracelet monitor, several in the gallery questioned whether or not someone on an ankle bracelet monitor could leave the county without permission of law enforcement. But no one seemed to wonder if maybe law enforcement was with him at the casino. Just saying…

Hampton was then asked three times if he had told law enforcement about Disney. All three times Hampton said that’s none your business. Even a dweeb like Hampton should be able to figure out that when the word gets out to the street that he didn’t say no, then that means yes he did give information about Disney. Just saying…

He was asked if he gave information on a home invasion robbery on Carver Road and he said I guess so. He said he was partially involved and was asked if he was prosecuted for it and he said no. So let’s see, partially involved kind of like sort of pregnant? Ya either is or ya ain’t.

There was then some discussion about an early kick for him and he denied he received an early kick because this time was about up he said he didn’t get an early kick because of giving information. He stated that Steve Jacobson was a buddy from high school and known him about 15 years. Hampton said he never got any money from Jake for information.

He stated after he first met Frank Carson he had his girlfriend give Frank Carson $1500. Hampton then stated once this got to do with me and why don’t you mind your own business. Hampton was getting agitated as expected and taken off the stand. Then there’s some argument between the defense attorneys and the Dist. Atty. which Judge Zuniga took care of.

Hampton then resumed the stand. He was asked if Frank Carson never asked him for a legal help on the first contact. Hampton stated he was at a bail hearing Frank Carson was talking about soliciting the Cooley brothers. Hampton’s bail was not reduced at that hearing.

Hampton was then asked if he knew the Cooley brothers and Hampton stated that yes, he knew Michael and Tony. He then said that Frank Carson asked him to help with a problem in Turlock. Hampton said that at the bail hearing, Frank Carson told him to go to Paul Singh to get bailed out. Hampton said that Carson told him that Paul Singh’s like a son to him.

Hampton then said that Paul Singh hustled his girlfriend out of several more thousand dollars and that Hampton went to the bail office the next morning. Hampton stated that he gave dummy references set up with friends to Singh. He then told attorney Martinez you’re a criminal, you know how to do that. Judge Zuniga then shushed Hamilton.

He was then asked if he had ever taken money for information. Hamilton spouted off “none of your business”. Such a respectable charming example of today’s misguided youth. Stated he had looked at Paul Singh’s wife through a rifle scope and then denied it and that he never met Georgia but only talk to her on the phone.

Instead of appearing in court Hampton jumped bail. Hampton made a telephone call to Frank Carson and he said Frank Carson told him to turn himself in. Hampton said he spent a lot of time high on heroin and methamphetamines. He said he missed the probation office appointment once when he was high on methamphetamines.

After Frank Carson reviewed his file, Hampton said Frank Carson said you look like you could take care of business in reference to the problem Turlock. The attorney then asked Hampton what he thought Frank Carson meant about taking care of them. Hampton then showing his respectable upbringing said you ask him he’s right there pointing to Frank Carson. Some people demonstrate the would be a poster child for birth control.

The attorney then asked did he use the words “I want these guys fucked up?”. Hampton again using all of his charm stated “you think he wanted me to pray for them?”. “I’m thinking he wants them fucked up”.

As deputy Dist. Atty. Ferrera is making an objection Hampton tells Mr. Martinez to “shut up”. As noted before, throughout the hours that this pristine star, “I’ve always been honest with law enforcement” sincere “I’m only testifying because it’s the right thing to do” prosecution witness, deputy district attorney Ferrera has never taken the time to confer with the witness and advise him on courtroom decorum and procedures. And as it’s always been said, if you’re not part of the cure, you’re part of the problem. You can draw your own conclusions as to where the problems lie.

Hampton was asked if he blamed Frank Carson because of his height bail and he answered no. He was asked if he threatened to shoot Paul Singh and he said he had but he was only joking. Hampton said that in court Frank Carson had called him a fool for jumping bail when he had them a deal for CTS.

He was then asked if he is a racist and Hampton said no. He was asked if he was a white supremacist and Hampton answered no and then asked the attorney are you one. He was asked if he was the Northern Rider and he stated no. He was asked if he was a crap and he said no. He was asked if he had been told to go to anger management classes and he stated he only attended one class.
Hampton stated he had a GPS when he got out of prison and had evaded the probation officer once only had 30 pounds of marijuana which he ran with them through over a neighbor’s fence. 30 pounds of marijuana appears to be a bit more than for personal medical use. Could this mean that Hampton was trying to add drug dealing to his repertoire? Just saying…

He was then asked by the attorney do you have any gang tattoos and Hampton answered “no. Do you?”. Under questioning she then admitted he had a swastika tattooed on his leg and when asked if he had a Norcal Eagle tattoo he again answered “no, do you?”. When asked if he had another tenure tattoo he again stated “no, do you”. Well from Hampton’s attitude it’s obvious he didn’t have a barn out behind where he lived and was never blessed with a visit behind it.

He was then asked if he had talked about a different homicide case with Jake when he had an outstanding case at that time? Hampton answered “I don’t see what that’s good to do with this case”. Common sense would tell somebody, that if he was a reliable snitch on that case it might give him credibility with the deputy Dist. Atty. on this case. But in reference to in reference to Hampton what’s common sense get to do with it anyway.

He was then asked if he had heard rumors about the Frank Carson case while in jail and he stated yes. He was then asked if he thought the use of heroin helps his memory. Hampton then said “why don’t you research it”. He was asked since he is an occasional user of methamphetamine and heroin, where he got the money to buy it. He stated he got the money to criminal means.
He was then asked if he got the money for the casino through criminal activity. Immediate objection by deputy district attorney Ferrera which was sustained and that question was struck from the record will we all heard it and heard his answer. He then again called the attorney a “smart ass”.

Defense attorney Hans then said you would do anything to stay out of jail wouldn’t you? Hampton answered no. Hans then said what you gave false references for bail and lied to Frank Carson. Hampton admitted to being in protective custody at DVI with Cooley. He was then asked didn’t you give information to law enforcement at the California Department of Corrections? Hampton then stated but I’m not an informant.

He was asked if he had given information on other crimes to law enforcement at the California Department of Corrections? He stated no.

He was asked when Jake took you from PSC to the District Attorney’s Office what would you talk about? Hampton answered nothing. Hans then asked him “did Jacobson tell you you would get paid if you would blackmail Frank Carson?”. Hampton answered no. Jacobson allegedly said there’s other ways to be compensated other than blackmail.

Attorney Martha Carlton Magana got Hampton to admit that he had known Steve Jacobson since about the age of 15 and that Hampton had written Jacobson letters from custody at least twice. Magana asked Hampton if he had used heroin while in custody he stated I don’t think so. He was asked if he had brought drugs in the jail and he said he had any shared them with Flipper” while in custody. And that’s why “Flipper” was banned from Sea world. Just saying…

He also stated that he thinks he’s a three striker and it was determined that Martha Carlton Magana had represented Hampton in about 1990 on a case. There was a lot of discussion about a conflict situation but the conflict was intelligently waived by Martha Carlton Magana’s current client.

So that about wraps it up for that day in court.

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