11-11-16 – Today is Veterans Day and I want to personally thank all of our veterans who have passed and those that are still fortunate enough to be with us today. I am grateful for the sacrifices all of our military personnel have made to ensure that our great country is still free.

In watching the news the last couple of nights I become frustrated and angry watching the disrespect that they are showing to our country, our flag, and burning our flag is not protected under the First Amendment. If pukes burn our flag, I will be the first one to donate to a fund to ship those suckers out to Iraq or Afghanistan and see how much protesting they do there.

I have followed a couple of news stories regarding these “protesters” and in the comments section of those news stories I gave the definition of these “protesters”. A bunch of liberal losers that can’t take it. They are living in their parent’s basements and still sucking on their mommy’s teat. Get a job. Get a life and for craps sake, GET OVER IT AND GROW UP.

Okay, I have vented and got that off my chest. Having said that, I will say that I received some information I had not received before. It involves criminal cases of two different persons who are being subjected to egregious prosecutorial misconduct, judicial misconduct and law enforcement that refuses to investigate and bring charges against blatant criminal activities by law enforcement personnel and district attorneys.

The first case I’m going to talk about is that of Gene Forte. Gene is a publisher of the Badger Flats Gazette which is sometimes printed and always available on line at In his news articles, Gene exposes political and law enforcement corruption. Gene himself has been victim of abuse by law enforcement. Gene has recorded and documented proof that Merced County Dist. Atty. Larry Morse the turd, darn spell check, I meant the third, has violated the law regarding conflicts of interest and is a co-conspirator in a movement that has made its way into federal court in the Eastern District. Judge Anthony Ishi has conspired with several federal “magistrates”, who of course report directly to Ishi and several attorneys representing the County of Merced.

Gene has been subjected to two arrests by the Merced County Sheriff’s office. One arrest took place in the hallway of the Merced County Superior Court. In that instance, Gene was attempting to make a citizen’s arrest on a pro tem judge who had violated Gene’s constitutional rights. The deputy sheriff buffoon working was named Picinich and is approximately 6’3” tall and weighs approximately 240 pounds. Gene is approximately 5 feet nine, and I’m probably being Generous, and weighs approximately 155 pounds.  This deputy Sheriff buffoon chest bumped Gene in a hallway in the Merced County Courthouse. A classic Mutt and Jeff matchup.

Bluto aka Picinich, bowed up into Gene’s chest pushing him backwards against the bench in the hallway. When Gene protested, he was placed under arrest and handcuffed with his hands behind him.  Gene has never been violent nor does he have a history of violence but he was handcuffed with his hands behind his back. I have arrested many people in my law enforcement career if I felt that person might pose a threat, they were handcuffed with their hands behind their back. Our rules said that an arrestee must be handcuffed but it is up to the officer’s discretion whether to handcuff in front or back. A small in stature 60 something-year-old gentleman with three burly deputies around him would not be a threat to a law enforcement officer that had some “peaches”.  Just saying…

After Gene was arrested, his attorney Larry Cole, hired me as the case investigator. An extensive amount of work was done on the case. During the course of that investigation I carefully perused the investigation and arrest reports and also viewed a court video of Gene being walked from the courthouse to the jail. Conveniently, when the court was subpoenaed to produce the video of the incident in the hallway, their reply was that the hallway camera wasn’t working that day. That excuse stinks like three-day-old unrefrigerated fish.

After reading the report of deputy Scott in which he stated on Page 10 of the police report, Scott states “…and I were walking Forte to jail he stopped walking several times so he could further resist arrest”.  (Writer’s emphasis). After I reviewed the video which Merced County obviously didn’t know was available, it shows Gene walking down 22nd St. toward the jail with a deputy on each side of him and one walking behind him. His hands are handcuffed behind his back. The video shows that as they walked all the way down to the jail, Gene never stopped, hesitated, slowed down or as deputy Scott lied, “further resist arrest”.

Armed with the police report and the video proving that deputy Scott had filed a false police report, I went to the Merced County District Attorney’s Office to file a complaint and request that Scott be removed from duty, arrested and charged with filing a false police report. The chief deputy Dist. Atty. Rob Caroll met with me in an interview room. I laid the case out for him giving him the video and the false police report and he immediately began trying to make excuses for the false report said that the video didn’t show everything. Rob Caroll is a big liar too. He fits right in.

I told him I was not buying that and he then said that he would take my document and video and give it to the chief DA investigator Patrick Lunney (Cap’n Crunch Bunch Merced County’s version) to investigate. I told him there is no investigation needed and that I had already done it showing that deputy Scott was in effect a liar and perjurer. He told me that he would have chief investigator Patrick Lunney call me after he reviewed my evidence. Well, of course it’s a no-brainer  that Lunney never called me. Rob Caroll, liar liar pants on fire.

So I then made up a duplicate package of the report and the video and my report, and sent it to the office of Atty. Gen. kamala harris. Two days later I received my package back with a letter from one of harris’s minion sock puppets telling me to take the complaint to the County in which this occurred. I had indicated in my letter to the attorney General’s office, that I had first reported it to the Merced County District Attorney’s Office who refused to do anything about it. So this conduct by the attorney general’s office shows that they refuse to investigate and prosecute criminal law enforcement personnel which is their duty.

Gene sued the crooked former Mayor of Los Banos Tommy Jones in federal court in Fresno California in a jury trial that lasted approximately 8 days. All the best legal minds that Merced County could garner went into Fresno thinking what could this guy, Gene Forte just a commoner, do without a law degree against them. Well the answer was that the jury found in Gene’s favor granting actual and extremely rare punitive damages in a unanimous jury verdict much to the chagrin of Judge Ishi. Earlier in this paragraph I said crooked Tommy Jones and to make my point he was recently arrested for bribery while he was the mayor.

The foregoing story leads me to the Frank Carson case. I have been making commentaries on this case since sometime in September or October of last year. As of late, I have been inundated with casework in my private investigation business which has kept me from attending court on a daily basis. In this preliminary hearing, a daily basis in court is supposed to be from Monday through Thursday. This rarely happens. In one of my prior commentaries I stated that if when this prelim started there was the judge who would convene court at 8:30 AM until noon and then again from 1 PM until 5 PM, five days a week, this prelim would already have been over.

Is obvious that Marlissa Ferreira, either on her own or at the direction of the Dist. Atty. is prolonging this hearing as long as possible. Up till this point in the hearing there has been no evidence shown as of yet that there has been a murder. The Dist. Atty. in an attempt to ruin the life and career of Frank Carson has gathered a gaggle of lowlife current and pending felons and assorted other dregs of society and suborned perjury in order to decimate the life and career of Frank Carson.

Mme. DA has been caught numerous times failing to tell the truth and failing to provide Brady material in a timely manner until she has been caught up with by the defense attorneys. She comes up with excuse after excuse to try to justify why the Brady material wasn’t provided in a timely manner. All of her excuses are like armpits, everybody’s got a couple and they all stink. There have been numerous instances in which the defense attorneys requested sanctions against Mdm. Dist. Atty. and the judge has refused to do so.

One of the major lies Mdm. Dist. Atty. has spewed forth in court is that none of the recalcitrant dregs of society who are her star witnesses have ever been offered a deal for the testimony they are providing. In open court she vehemently denied that any deals were made. But up jumped the devil or in this case a saint. A saint in the form of a young deputy public defender by the name of Ben Rosenstein. Deputy public defender Ben Rosenstein took the stand and testified that two of his clients, Ronald Cooper Junior and Michael Cooley were in fact given deals for their testimony.

This was testified to in open court and is on the record. Mdm. Dist. Atty. was shown to be blatantly lying in open court and yet there were no sanctions taken. There have been other occasions when Mme. Dist. Atty. blatantly broke court rules and it was requested that sanctions be imposed but the judge refused to impose them. It makes a reasonable person wonder why the judge is allowing Mme. district attorney to have a free reign in the courtroom. Just saying…

I have recently had a chance to review a filing in federal court by Gene Forte requesting that his case be referred to the head mucky muck judge of the Eastern District federal court. Gene’s request is to have the United States attorney investigate gross prosecutorial misconduct in the Stanislaus County and Merced County District Attorney’s Office. His petition also cites the refusal of the FBI with evidence of a RICO violation and gross prosecutorial misconduct/public official malfeasance by Merced and Stanislaus County government officials. In that court filing I have located interesting information which I am going to disclose here.

Ex-Chief Justice of the ninth Circuit Court, Alex Kozinski stated “fighting prosecutorial misconduct is not only about protection of the innocent”. It is about preserving the public’s trust in our judicial system. Judge Kozinski stated that this prosecutorial misconduct creates a serious moral hazard since prosecutors are virtually never punished for misconduct. The Center for Prosecutor Integrity shows that courts punished prosecutorial misconduct in the less than 2% of the cases where it occurred. And that rarely amount to more than a slap on the wrist such as making the prosecutor pay for the disciplinary hearing.

Obviously prosecutors are well aware of this and you know that they would be apprised of how to do dastardly deeds in cases with relative impunity. During this Frank Carson preliminary hearing it is obvious that the Stanislaus County district attorney has been keeping up on the fact that only 2% of prosecutorial misconduct has been challenged. So that allows our local district attorney to roll the dice and gamble that Stanislaus County district attorneys will fall within that 98th percentile that get away with prosecutorial misconduct.

There are four cases charging instances of prosecutorial misconduct that were supposed to be randomly dispersed among the Eastern District federal court judges. But let’s examine that for a minute as we build the case for the fact that the “fix is in”. The odds that the cases of Singh v Stanislaus County, Maner v Stanislaus County, Atwal v Stanislaus County and Forte v Merced County all being randomly assigned to Judge Drozd or Magistrate McAuliffe are like a lightning striking in the same place four times. Mind-boggling and makes a layperson wonder about the integrity of the Eastern District federal court. This is the reasoning for Gene Forte petitioning to have a neutral agency such as the United States Attorney General’s office intervene and launch an investigation.

Now it’s time to start getting into some of the reasons that reasonable people who have been watching the Frank Carson preliminary hearing feel that this is not an attempt to bring people to justice but rather a vicious personal vendetta perpetrated by the Dist. Atty. against Frank Carson. For those of you not following these commentaries I will tell you that Frank Carson has a stellar record during his career here as a defense attorney of beating the District Attorney’s Office like a redheaded stepchild in his court cases. I am going to be reviewing a few of those below may make you realize why she’s after him.

After every major defeat at the hands of Frank Carson I can imagine that the staff meetings at the District Attorney’s Office probably need to be held in a soundproof room. I’m sure someone in that staff meeting is saying “he’s killing us. What can we do about it?” Well we know what plan was devised and is currently being perpetrated at the expense of eight people who have no culpability in the horrific murder of Korey Kaufman. It is my firm belief that the reason this preliminary hearing is being drug out is to delay the inevitable plethora of lawsuits that will be initiated when these innocent people are freed. When the lawsuits hit and the taxpayers see the tens of thousands or millions of dollars they will have to pay to these aggrieved innocent people, the Dist. Atty. will be leaving the office in disgrace. But then again people reap what they sow.

Frank Carson has been under the gun of the District Attorney’s Office for over 20 years. He has tried over 100 cases not including minor ones. He has one of the highest acquittal records of any attorney in Stanislaus County. In criminal law the Dist. Atty. prosecutes the case and a defense attorney defends it. When a defense attorney with a high acquittal rate wins, guess who the loser is? In case you didn’t figure out it’s the Dist. Atty. As an analogy, if Bill picks a fight with John and John knocks Bill down and Bill keeps coming back in an effort to get the best of John.

When Bill gets tired of being knocked down, then Bill tries to devise and think of other ways whether it be legal, illegal or downright dirty to get John. Maybe Bill sneaks up behind John and hits him over the head. Or maybe Bill makes up a false story and says that John committed a crime which he did not do. Then without conducting a proper investigation, the police arrest John and put him in jail. Then John has to get an attorney to defend him against the false charges. Gosh!!! Does any of this little story sound familiar here in Stanislaus County? If I have to tell you, you just don’t get it.

A number of years ago, Frank Carson tried a case in which his client was charged with assault with a deadly weapon resulting in great bodily injury.  DA Fladager was the opposing attorney. The jury in that case acquitted his client of that charge and only found him guilty of simple battery. Ms. Fladager was so incensed and angry that she was sputtering and emitting spittle on the council table.

Also a number years ago Frank Carson tried a case which alleged his client tried to kidnap an 11-year-old girl.  (People v Hodges).  Hodges at one time was a serial rapist, robber and kidnapper. He had been sentenced to life in prison and got out after approximately 28 years. The Dist. Atty. prosecuting the case had told the judge that Frank Carson’s client was the worst sexual predator in Stanislaus County history. On the day the trial began Frank Carson pled his client to an annoying children charge. The jury later acquitted his client of any felony charge. The Dist. Atty. berated Mr. Carson asking how he could sleep at night.

In 2006, Fladager ran against Michael Cummings for the office of district attorney. Frank Carson supported Michael Cummings in his effort to run for district attorney. Frank Carson put signs of support for Michael Cummings in his yard and gave a monetary contribution to his campaign. Cap’n Crunch Kirk Bunch began to rear his ugly head when he chided Frank Carson about having a Michael Cummings sign in his yard. Frank Carson had never mentioned where his residence was and felt that Capt. Crunch Bunch was attempting to intimidate him by indicating he knew where he lived.

In 2013, Frank Carson took out papers to run against Fladager for district attorney. He ran on a platform of exposing corruption, flawed priorities and to improve the terrible morale that the department was wallowing in. Frank Carson advocated reducing the number of investigators and questionable prosecutions and to increase the number of attorneys to try to alleviate the huge backlog of cases. Mr. Carson lost his bid for the office of district attorney but he garnered one third of the votes for district attorney which is approximately 10,000 votes.

During the election, Fladager forced employees to stand on the steps of the courthouse while on the clock to signify that they were supporting her for district attorney. If your job is threatened if that you don’t go along with the boss, there is no shame for the employee who has a family to support. Underhanded? Yes of course. People with no conscience have no morals. YOUR DAY IS COMING!

As an aside we will talk now about a law enforcement officer who is apparently spreading himself pretty thin, which is a difficult task if you’re as chubby as he. In this case he is purported to work for the District Attorney’s Office when he is actually on the Modesto Police Department. His name is Jon (Don’t mention the words domestic violence around me) Evers.

 One of those supposed employees of the District Attorney’s Office who had his picture taken on the steps of the courthouse with the other employees of the District Attorney’s Office was none other than Jon (Don’t mention the words domestic violence around me) Evers. Now is he working for the DA’s office or the Modesto Police Department? That question will be answered a little later in this commentary. Maybe he wants to be on the DA’s staff.

After a broadcast debate at 1010 TenthStreet Pl., DA investigators were observed taking pictures of several persons who have subsequently been arrested in the Frank Carson case. Among those who had his picture taken was Carmen Sabatino who was driving to lunch with Frank Carson after the debate. This appeared to be indirect threats and an effort to intimidate Frank Carson and the supporters of his campaign.

On or about August 12, 2012 Cap’n Crunch Bunch, Jon (Don’t mention the words domestic violence around me) Evers and Frank Navarro barged into Frank Carson’s office without a warrant. This invasion of Frank Carson’s office was an attempt to an intimidate Georgia Carson, Frank Carson’s wife who works in the office. She was treated rudely by the attitude of Cap’n Crunch Bunch. Frank Carson told them numerous times to leave and finally called the police. Crunch Bunch stated that since they didn’t want to talk to him that it would only get worse for them. Jack booted thug behavior at its best. But that’s what Cap’n Crunch Bunch is famous for. Or should I say infamous. Yes I am going to say infamous.

If I have room in this commentary I will be able to show you that Cap’n Crunch Bunch and the goon squad he runs with perform the same type of jackbooted behavior whenever they feel like it.

In 2006 Frank Carson defended the former Mayor of Modesto, Carmen Sabatino who was falsely charged with corruption as a public official. Hey, sounds like another “Bill finds a way to file false charges against John because he can’t beat them any other way story above”. Cap’n Crunch Bunch was the “investigator” in the Sabatino case. Cap’n Crunch Bunch was involved in unethical and illegal activities including suborning perjury in the Sabatino case. Frank Carson has numerous declarations attesting to Cap’n Crunch  Bunches’s dishonesty and misconduct.

In 2007 while in the hallway of the court, a DA investigator by the name of Burrell purposely bumped into Frank Carson with his holstered gun. Frank Carson notified security trying to have Burrell arrested for assault. Burrell’s motivation? Well Frank Carson had just been in court in a case in which Burrell was the investigator and Frank Carson had shown in court that Burrell was lying and had been intimidating his client. Deputy DA Harris and district attorney Fladager refused to do anything about it. Why would they? Frank Carson has been beating the snot out of the District Attorney’s Office during his whole career.

In 2010 DA investigator Steve “the juice” Jacobson assaulted Frank Carson in the hallway of the court and knocked the camera out of his hand. Frank Carson placed the juice under arrest and had the bailiff disarm him. Frank Carson filed a lawsuit against Jacobson and the County which was set to go to trial on August 15, 2015. Well the district attorney saw to it that that case did not go to trial because she had Frank Carson and the other seven defendants arrested during the week that the trial was supposed to commence. Impeccable timing by the Dist. Atty. to try to keep her fat out of the fire. YOUR DAY IS COMING!

We have an obvious parallel situation in Merced County and in Stanislaus County when corrupt district attorney personnel use their corrupt law enforcement minions to harass, assault, arrest and falsely prosecute both attorneys and citizens. As ex-federal judge Kozinski stated earliar, prosecutorial misconduct is rarely if ever addressed. There is small hope on the horizon however as California just passed a bill which makes it a felony for a prosecuting attorney to withhold Brady information or any other exculpatory information that will assist the defense. I can think of a couple of District Attorney’s Offices off the top of my head that would be great candidates for felony charges. I’m not going to tell you who they are but if you don’t know from this commentary, you just don’t get it.

In 2012 in the murder trial of Kelly Valle, Frank Carson who was the defense attorney in a case prosecuted by Melissa Ferreira, caught and denounced her in open court for unethical misrepresentations made by her as to what the principal witness was receiving in compensation and “expenses” from the District Attorney’s Office. And we know the credo of Marlissa Ferreira is that no deals are made and no consideration given. Obviously not true and certainly not true in the deals and consideration given to the prosecution star dreg of society witnesses in the Frank Carson case. She has blatantly lied about deals for sure as shown in open court.

On several other occasions Frank Carson has caught Marlissa Ferreira making false representations of fact and law in other cases and denounced her in open court. Those same false representations of fact and law exist in the Frank Carson case. When she has been caught in a lie or misrepresentation, she immediately goes into a long rambling rant about everything except what she was caught for doing wrong. She tries to deflect the attention from her to someone else.

It is obvious why Dist. Atty. Fladager picked Ferreira nicknamed “Tiny Tim” by another commentator, Cap’n Crunch Bunch and I have to be charged with coining that nickname and then “Juice” Jacobson and nickname coined by another wrongfully accused defendant that was acquitted after being represented by Frank Carson.

These three are what is wrong with law enforcement and makes people distrust some police and some elected officials. I will say it again here because I want everyone to remember that Frank Carson has beat the s**t, I mean snot by the way, out of the district attorney’s office when they attempt to prosecute or should I say persecute, innocent people that they do not like. The egregious and vindictive action taken by the Dist. Atty. and her minions at her direction will end up bankrupting Stanislaus County when the civil lawsuits hit. And they ARE coming. “Beeleeve Dat”. YOUR DAY IS COMING!

Attorney Robert Wildman whose office represents Woody, has also denounced in pleadings and argument about similar misconduct in misrepresentation made by Marlissa Ferreira. So obviously Marlissa Ferreira believes in sharing her filthy misconduct among other attorneys also. She could be the poster child for blackhearted prosecutors whose only ambition is to get a win at any cost without regard for justice ethics or morality.

As I mentioned in a prior commentary numerous months ago, I felt that Ferreira is using this case as a stepping stone into the position of district attorney when Fladager leaves. I believe that the only stepping some law enforcement personnel and some of the District Attorney’s Office may be doing in this case, is stepping into a jail cell where they belong. As I said in a prior commentary also, the district attorney’s motto is “If you can’t beat them, book them”. Vicious people need to remember that a two edge sword cuts BOTH ways. YOUR DAY IS COMING!

In 2013 Frank Carson tried a jury trial involving a high profile client (People vs Tony Havens) which resulted in an acquittal. After that Frank Carson tried a murder case (People vs Hoyt) in which client was acquitted of both murder and manslaughter. Frank heard from different deputy district attorneys that the DA was very unhappy with him as a result of his legal prowess.

A short time thereafter Frank started a murder case in Merced County (People vs Daniel McDonald). The Dist. Atty. here in Stanislaus County sent a deputy Dist. Atty. to the Merced trial and tried to coach the Merced County Dist. Atty. handling the case as to how to thwart Frank Carson in that trial. This shows how stupid the district attorney in Stanislaus County is, because if they can’t beat Frank Carson in Stanislaus County, why would the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office waste money sending a deputy district attorney to Merced County in a losing effort. This is how vindictive and vicious the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office can be. A pox on them. Time to take the garbage out. YOUR DAY IS COMING!

The Merced County deputy district attorney in that case admitted to the judge that he had been briefed by Stanislaus County prosecutors about Frank Carson and how to beat him. So the case proceeded to trial and to no one’s surprise, Frank Carson’s client was ACQUITTED. So the bumbling Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office cost the taxpayers of unknown amount of money trying to beat Frank Carson in the neighboring County. How vicious and vindictive can you get? Oh, just ask the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office for the answer. YOUR DAY IS COMING!

In the fall of 2013, Frank Carson conducted a murder trial (People vs Jakari Phyall). It was particularly humiliating for the district attorney because they had charged the client with gang enhancement. Dist. Atty. Investigator Froylan Mariscal is the gang expert that the district attorney pulled out of the bag to try to prove gang involvement. After Frank Carson and his expert finished, the jury convicted the co-defendants but rejected the notion that the events were gang related. So the Dist. Atty. gang expert bites the dust.

In 2014, and the murder trial of People vs Richard Jolly, the district attorney settled the case against Frank Carson’s client very favorably in trial after  Frank Carson’s opening statement. And here’s a clue for all you who are wondering, there was no conviction for murder.

In 2015 in the murder trial of the People vs Juan Manual Tello which Frank Carson tried and the jury deadlocked requiring a new trial. Frank Carson was preparing to go to trial in August 2015 when he was arrested in this case. In the many days that this commenter has been in court in this preliminary hearing, besides seeing all of the buffoonery, smoke and mirrors and BS that Mme. district attorney has presented, there has been zero evidence that Frank Carson had any participation or culpability in the demise of Korey Kaufman.

Early in March 2015, in a highly media publicized and bitterly contested sex offense jury trial (People vs Frank Drumond), Frank Carson secured a mistrial with a vote of 11 to 1 for acquittal. The case was then dismissed. The District Attorney’s Office went boo hoo hoo to the news media crying that the hung jury was because of Frank Carson’s aggressive examination of prosecution witnesses. I have news for you Mme. district attorney, it’s called getting the truth out of witnesses. The girls involved admitted to the fact that they had lied.  GOLLY GEE Mme. district attorney, it sounds just like all of your civilian witnesses in the Frank Carson case.   YOUR DAY IS COMING!

The deputy district attorney in both the Jolly and the Drummond cases was Elizabeth DeJong. Now coincidently,  DeJong is a prosecution witness in the Frank Carson case. I didn’t see that one coming. JUST KIDDING. Of course I saw it coming. Frank Carson made her look like a high school dropout jailhouse lawyer in high profile cases. Of course she’s going to get back at him anyway she can. A pox on her. And she is the deputy Dist. Atty. that gave Ronald Cooper Junior a deal to prevent the scumbag from picking up his third strike since he is also a prosecution witness. As I said before the District Attorney’s Office smells like three day old unrefrigerated fish. It STINKS! YOUR DAY IS COMING!

As I was covering this case, somebody had asked me how do the Dist. Atty., her investigators and the scumbag prosecution witnesses sleep at night.  I said “First they lie on one side and then they lie on the other”.   Not rocket science folks. YOUR DAY IS COMING!

In a trial conducted in 2014 (People vs A.J. Pontillo), Mr. Pontillo had been a vocal critic of the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office because of some of their sleazy conduct. He filed State Bar complaints and been on social media and to the civil grand jury exposing some of their nefarious conduct. Well a team of Jack booted thugs led by Cap’n Crunch Bunch and “Juice” Jacobson with some other assorted storm troopers stormed into Mr. Pontillo’s bail bond business and terrorized Mr. Pontillo and all the other employees there.

The video of that raid showed Cap’n Crunch Bunch waving a gun around in his hand. Now this is particularly scary because the rumor around in the community is that Cap’n Crunch Bunch had tried to get stress-related disability but was declined. So here you have somebody with a badge and a gun wanting stress disability waving a gun around. I thought Freddy Krueger was scary but Cap’n Crunch Bunch with a gun is REALLY scary. I wouldn’t want to turn my back on him. Just saying…

The DA was alleging kidnapping, conspiracy and theft by a bail bondsman. The investigation was overseen by chief deputy Dist. Atty. Dave Harris. It was a bitterly fought jury trial during which Frank Carson mocked both Dave Harris and Jacobson throughout the trial for their unethical and dishonest behavior. After a six-month long trial, on December 10, 2014 the jury acquitted Mr. Pontillo of all charges including four which would have given him four life sentences.

Midway through the trial of Mr. Pontillo, approximately half of the allegations of misconduct were dismissed by the trial judge for violation of Brady discovery due process. It is evident that Brady violations by the District Attorney’s Office seem to be second nature. Obviously the district attorney does not want to rein in this egregious prosecutorial misconduct and if the defense attorney doesn’t catch it, then it is a tainted conviction but that makes no difference in this county. A conviction for the district attorney is all she wants.           YOUR DAY IS COMING!

In meeting with the jurors after the acquittal on December 10, 2014, jurors told Frank Carson that Jacobson had approached them during deliberations and made comments calculated to influence their decision. GUESS WHAT JUICE? IT DIDN’T WORK. JUSTICE PREVAILED IN SPITE OF YOU, YOU LOSER.  Frank Carson had sought Orders To Show Cause for contempt for the jury tampering attempt and the discovery violations. Judge Scott Steffen subsequently did a declaration in support of an order to show cause for contempt against them. Frank Carson was the main witness in this and then as if to try to quench a fire, Frank Carson was arrested. That stinks like that four day old unrefrigerated fish.

I am going to and this particular segment of my exposé of crooked district attorney’s and will continue it shortly in another commentary. Please stay tuned.

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