As a disclaimer for this commentary, I wish to go on record as I have in numerous other commentaries that have been posted. I spent 27 years in law enforcement and fully support all legitimate and unbiased law enforcement in our country, state, county and city dedicated men and women who put their lives on the line 24 hours a day to protect us. The three keywords in my commentaries are “legitimate”, “dedicated” and “unbiased”. I totally reject an agenda driven prosecution whose sole purpose is not to find justice, but to decimate the lives, reputations and physical well-being of innocent people.

12-13-16 – I was able to go into court at approximately 2:30 PM. Jon (don’t mention domestic violence around me) Evers was on the stand. He looked to me like he had eaten something terrible for lunch and it was not agreeing with him. Maybe doing some work for the citizens of Modesto who are paying his salary.

The big question remains whether Stanislaus County will reimburse the taxpayers of the city of Modesto with the thousands of hours he has spent working for Stanislaus County task force. The best guess is the answer is no and the taxpayers of the city Modesto will take it in the shorts once again.

I noticed that Cap’n Crunch Bunch was not sitting next to Ferreira. I was advised that he is still under the weather and not feeling well. As I mentioned in my prior post, the handwriting is on the wall and possibly Cap’n Crunch Bunch sees his life passing before his eyes as is theorized happens to a drowning person. And this case is going down for the third time.

One of the defense attorneys asked a a question of Evers. Ferreira and I’m skipping the first names and their titles since those of you who follow our commentaries know who the players are. Ferreira immediately barks out an objection stating that that is wild speculation and hearsay. Why of all people would Ferreira object to that since that’s what her case is based on. Talk about a hypocrite. What’s new? Doesn’t matter if the objection was sustained or not just the humor of the basis for her objection. Just saying…

During the proceedings Ferreira wants Evers to be able to give his opinion on the record why Jason Armstrong went from a suspect to a witness. Evers was asked about somebody named Tyler Poppins or whatever and whether he was present at the Mariposa County site. Evers began his first string of the usual I don’t remember or I don’t recall. Questions came up regarding the amount of time spent on the 400 is so interviews that Ferreira says were conducted. When trying to persecute someone, time and expense don’t matter especially when taxpayers money is being spent so foolishly.

Evers then testified that Jason Armstrong told him that he did not know who killed Korey Kaufman but he would certainly tell Evers if he knew. Which is the first batch of BS that I’ve heard the last 10 minutes. I’m sure that Jason Evers would do his civic duty and rat out who it was. Sarcasm intended. Evers testified that Jason Armstrong hated Korey Kaufman said he was a piece of s**t. Evers also testified that Jason Armstrong said that Korey Kaufman was a rude bastard and that he didn’t like Kaufman. Gosh, do we see another possible person that actually might have had a reason to murder Korey Kaufman?

Well it was finally 4 o’clock and time to hear the motion that defense attorney Rein is making on behalf of Walter Wells. Judge Zuniga called Ferreira and Mr. Rein into her chambers. The gallery in the courtroom was nearly full. They finally emerged from the judge’s chambers at approximately 4:18 PM. The judge began to explain how she was going to rule on the motion. The motion was to either dismiss the charges or to have a bail reduction.

As the judge was reading various conditions regarding a bail reduction, she stated that she did not feel that there was enough evidence to hold Walter over for trial on the charge of homicide. Come on people, this isn’t rocket science. There has not been evidence presented by Ferreira and her gang of miscreant witnesses and investigator minions to hold any of the defendants for any of the charges!

The judge stated that she did however feel that the reduced charge of accessory and obstruction of justice were proper. Both accessory and obstruction of justice are listed as felonies however they are a wobbler in the law which means they can be charged either as a felony or a misdemeanor.

Mr. Rein had requested that Walter be released on his own recognizance. The judge felt that she has to take into consideration the safety of the community and the record of the defendant; at that point I turned to Eddie Quintanar sitting next to me and I SWEAR I whispered in an aggravated manner, “safety of the community, he was protecting the community and doesn’t have a record”. The judge then said “The man in the back row, you’ll have to be quiet or you will be asked to leave”. I guess I got egg on my face. (From and old Egg McMuffin probably)  That judge has ears like a parabolic conical listening device. Holy cow!!!!!

There is an old saying I say in an Okie accent: “Well shut MY mouth”.  So I took my own advice so that I could remain in the courtroom. The bail was reduced from $10 million to $25,000 on each count for a total of $50,000. At that point everyone knew that Walter would be out within hours. The judge then gave Walter the instructions regarding what he can and cannot do while out on bail. He of course agreed to all of those restrictions. There were many happy faces in the courtroom anticipating the release of this innocent victim.


In the literary world dictionaries, the phrase means: Bad deeds or words return to discomfort their perpetrator; the consequences of doing wrong always catch up with the wrongdoer.

In my prior commentary I stated that Ferreira was a certain substance on the bottom of the ocean floor. The egregious prosecutorial misconduct she has exhibited throughout this preliminary hearing should give rise to or cause to be concerned about what position she will be holding when this ding a ling sisters circus has run its course.

Like the motto for the National Enquirer says: “Inquiring minds want to know” so I am going to show a few more of the despicable and unconscionable courtroom behavior and bottom feeding misrepresentations and lies that have been perpetrated in this hearing. So let’s get started.

We know that mothers love their sons and that would bring us to the saga of Beverly Woody, mother of Robert L. Woody. It is obvious to many of us, that Beverly Woody suborned perjury with Robert Woody by holding a sign up to the window at the jail where she was visiting her son. The defense attorneys talk about the sign telling Robert Woody to change his testimony to conform to testimony given earlier by Beverly Woody.

She knows that all of her conversations with Robert Woody are recorded in the jail. A sign allowed her to communicate her instructions without being recorded on an audio tape. It is noted that Beverly Woody is unable to read or write. Someone else had to provide her with this sign. Any guesses?

Defense attorney Martha Carlton-Magana eloquently speaks about how what Beverly Woody has done is the worst example of suborning perjury she has seen in her forty-year career. Defense attorney Percy Martinez states that Beverly Woody was pressuring her son to change his testimony. I was present in court the day that one of the defense attorneys asked Beverly Woody if she would lie to protect her son and without hesitation stated “Yes”.

With that admission by her, it puts the cheese on the cracker with finality. Credibility? What’s that? They can’t even spell it.  Remember when we had to smack the TV because the channel wasn’t coming in clearly? I feel that way about far too many people.

January 5, 2016  – Well the first recording of an interview with Kimberly Stout and Bunch and his partner was played. During part of the audio tape Stout indicated that Michael Cooley and Eula Keyes had stolen a lot of stuff from Frank Carson’s property. They then either sold it to Linda Fisher or exchanged it for drugs. Stout said that Linda Fisher is the one selling dope to everybody.

She also stated that Michael Cooley had set Korey Kauffman up because Cooley felt that Corey was trying to make a move on Eula. (Chortle, chortle) She also stated that she hoped that Korey Kauffman was going to be okay as Michael Cooley had made a threat against him. Bunch was heard on the tape then saying that Korey Kauffman had stolen stuff too.

So here we have Kimberly Stout talking about Michael Cooley and Eula Keyes’s stealing property from Frank Carson and then selling it to a fence by the name of Linda Fisher or exchanging the property for drugs because Fisher is also a drug dealer. Do we see any reports regarding thefts, possession of stolen property are being busted for selling drugs to these fine citizens? No of course not because they are some of the persecutions star witnesses. Hang on for the free ride.

August 8, 2016 – Here we get into Cap’n Crunch Bunch committing perjury, whoops I mean being “incorrect “as you will see.  When asked again by Hans Hjertonsson if he had said that Brian Woody had said that Baljit Athwal was doing security, Bunch admitted that he had said that on the stand. Bunch looked destroyed on the stand at this time. Bunch admits that his testimony was “Incorrect” about Robert Woody, Daljit Atwal, and Baljit Athwal being on the Carson property that night.

Incorrect? When I was a kid, if I broke a window by a bad throw with a baseball and when asked by my dad if I did it, and I said no or I didn’t recall as most of the prosecution’s witnesses seem to say. Then when dad would say well Mrs. Smith saw you do it and I would then say oh, sorry dad, I was “incorrect”. After I had my butt beat, my dad would have said that’s for being incorrect or as we know the real word “LYING”.

So let me get this straight. If I am on the witness stand under oath, and when asked a question and I said no and it was shown that I was lying, I could just say that my answer was incorrect and I wouldn’t face any ramifications for lying on the witness stand. Let me tell you folks, if any of us were on the witness stand and gave false testimony you better believe would be charged with perjury. But not Special Agent Bunch. They can try playing games with semantics but the bottom line is, he was lying.

On numerous occasions when Special Agent Bunch was testifying regarding reports he had done or interviews he had videotaped, after he gave his testimony, the defense played the video or the recording and showed that the testimony he gave under oath on the witness stand was vastly different from what actually was said on the recording or on the video.

Oh but wait! He wasn’t lying hoping he would not be discovered, he was merely “incorrect”.  Just remember folks, if anyone of us is on the stand and we lied about an answer, we would not be charged with being incorrect. The prosecutor would charge us with perjury. But then we are just lowly common citizens and not prosecution witnesses or Special Agents or a chief deputy Dist. Atty.

March 13, 2016  – Now wait a minute, you not to tell me that Ferreira lied during this hearing are you? You better bet your sweet bippy I am as follows:  Then we get on to Ms. Ferreira’s claim that no deals have been made for any of these star prosecution witnesses. Earlier in the hearing a person by the name of Ronald Glenn Cooper Junior was brought from Pleasant Valley State Prison to testify for the prosecution. Again, Ms. Ferreira states that there were no deals made. Well let me insert a comment from one of my earlier commentaries regarding that:

But this morning we had the pleasure of listening to Deputy District Attorney Elizabeth de Jong as she took the stand to defend the DEAL made to potential three striker Ronald Glenn Cooper Junior. She was certainly doing the “Nae Nae” dance in response to the defense attorneys questions why a deal was cut to let Mr. Cooper, a fine broth of a lad by the way, get 4 years on what would have been a three strikes case. After all, all he did was break into a house, apparently steal something, terrorize a female and stick a knife up to her throat and terrorize her.  He pled to inflicting corporal punishment on a spouse co-habitant.


Now comes Deputy Public Defender Benjamin Rosenstein who apparently has no problem in telling the truth. He represents both Ronald Cooper Junior and Michael Cooley. And right out of the gate Mr. Rosenstein states that both of his clients are promised leniency in their unrelated cases.  THIS MAKES FERREIRA A BALD FACED PERJURER!!! LIER IN OTHER WORDS!!!

Immediately after hearing this truth, Dist. Atty. Ferreira immediately begins to attack Mr. Rosenstein saying is only been an attorney since 2012. And that is mainly been in one court and that is no way Mr. Rosenstein could know if all local prosecutors always ask defense attorneys to request continuances Obviously Mr. Rosenstein said something that ruffled the feathers of the Dist. Atty.

It is so refreshing to have a county employee who is not afraid to tell the truth. I commend Mr. Rosenstein for his candor and honesty. I certainly trust that Mr. Rosenstein will not be castigated, criticized, coerced or compromised in any way because of his courage and wanting to set the record straight. We here in Stanislaus County know that there’s a powerful political machine we have to contend with. Thank you Mr. Rosenstein for your service to the citizens of Stanislaus County. This young man has more integrity and search for the truth in his little finger then Ferreira has in her whole body. Just saying…

More March 13, 2016 – During part of Ronald Cooper Junior’s testimony he stated that there were a couple of antique train sets that were stolen from Frank Carson’s property.

In regards to the stolen antique train sets, Cooper said that a woman named Amber who lived in the front house on Lander Avenue had one of the train sets. After this information from Cooper we still don’t hear about law enforcement working on a case against Amber for possession of stolen property.

Oh wait! My bad! There aren’t any criminal charges pending against Michael Cooley, Eula Keyes or Linda Burns for possession of stolen property either. Michael Cooley and Eula Keyes were also arrested for possession of narcotics for sale on February 28, 2014. And of course this is right in the middle of this very expensive high dollar investigation with the task force and lo and behold guess who as of yet have had no progress in their case? Okay give up, I will tell you. Michael Cooley and Eula Keyes. Since their arrest February 28, 2014 they have had 44 pretrial hearings and the next one is scheduled for April 1, 2016.

Now that happens to be April Fools’ Day. Well guess who gets to be the April’s fool. US! I’ll bet you my granny’s underwear that when they show up on April 1 it will be continued for another pretrial date. But remember they are two more the prosecution star witnesses but there’s no deals being made. Of course not silly thing. And their free ride  of course, has nothing to do with the testimony they are presenting in this case. DUH? Anything wrong with any of these pictures?  Just saying…

UPDATE December 14, 2016Well I still got my granny’s underwear. A review of the Stanislaus County court index shows that Keyes and Cooley’s have had three more continuances and are scheduled to appear in court tomorrow December 15, 2016. I will bet my granny’s underwear again that they will not go to trial tomorrow but have another continuance. I won’t lose my granny’s underwear and do you know why? Well it’s because the Frank Carson preliminary hearing is not over yet. Ferreira needs these lowlifes to be available if needed for testimony. But now remember, Ferreira says there are no deals and no considerations given to any of the dirt bag witnesses. Think she’s lying again? Yes folks. I do too. Just saying…

December 3, 2015 – The article then states “Cooley is expected to testify at some point about confrontations with Carson”. Well there’s the half truth. Now for the Back Story: if the Bee reporter would’ve been there for the testimony, he would’ve heard Ronald Cooper testify that Michael Cooley had what you would consider a tollgate leading from his property onto the Frank Carson property.

The toll charge to the thieves to enter Frank Carson’s property through the fence and come back through onto Michael Cooley’s property was to allow Michael Cooley to take whatever he wanted of the stolen property from the thieves for himself. And Ronald Cooper testified that if there was any argument between the thieves and Michael Cooley, Michael Cooley’s knife decided who would win, the thieves or Michael Cooley. But Cooper doesn’t want to be called a “snitch”. Imagine that.

Michael Cooley’s feigned anger at Frank Carson was to disguise the fact that Michael Cooley is a hypocritical thief that will stop at nothing including assault with a deadly weapon (Knife) to take whatever stolen property he wants for himself. The question arises, did Korey Kauffman unfortunately argue with “Alligator” Cooley regarding some of the stolen property Cooley wanted? Don’t know, just saying… Do we see another person with a motive to murder Korey Kaufman here? Ya think maybe? The one who was admittedly the last person to see Korey Kaufman alive? Just saying…

April 27, 2016 – I have been absent from the scene for some time due to other pressing obligations to investigate criminal cases brought forth by the District Attorney’s Office. As I am investigating these new cases, it becomes very obvious that the resources of the Dist. Atty.’s office investigators is focused only on trying to prove defendants guilty, rather than to go the extra step and seek exculpatory evidence even though they are required to by law.

Once law enforcement has enough evidence to try to show that the arrestee may have committed the offense, the investigation stops there. There is no exculpatory evidence sought after the person has been incarcerated. As evidenced in the Frank Carson preliminary hearing, receiving timely discovery and exculpatory evidence from the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office is like trying to pull wisdom teeth from the jaws of a Saber Tooth Tiger. Just saying…

… Had the arresting agency or the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office investigators invested even limited resources, they could’ve found this out themselves. But each particular agency wants to try to enhance their statistics on the backs of frequently innocent citizens. Remember, funding comes from statistics not necessarily justice.  (Especially in Stanislaus County.)

… The above situation is an example of why there are a large number of persons serving time in prison or that have been executed when they were innocent because of the lackadaisical approach criminal investigators in the “public trough” take.

My comments are backed up by many news reports throughout the United States that reflect that innocent people have been exonerated due to the “Innocent Projects” efforts to correct prosecutorial misconduct and the “Give them a fair trial and hang ’em” attitude of many district attorneys throughout the United States. ANY OF THIS SOUND FAMILIAR?

So now today we have that rock star of rock stars, kid the glib, the I will snitch on anybody but put me in protective custody please original poster child for birth control. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Patrick Hampton. There were some small wagers in the gallery as to whether he would act respectably or revert to his old I hate courtroom decorum and I hate you all attitude. It didn’t take very long to know who won the bet.

Because there was some concern about Hampton’s rights, the judge appointed public defender attorney Ben Rosenstein interim counsel. If you remember back in one or several of my prior commentaries, I pointed out that after Mme. Dist. Atty. Ferreira’s assertions as an officer of the court, that no deals have been made with either Ronald Cooper or Michael Cooley, Mr. Rosenstein came forth immediately and in effect says, Oh contraire, Pierress, a deal had been made on behalf of Ronald Cooper. Well, being made a fool and a prevaricator of, Mme. Dist. Atty. immediately attacked Mr. Rosenstein as not being a seasoned attorney but he rebutted her attempt at character assassination very nicely thus leaving egg all over her face. Just saying…

Webster-Merriam: Prevaricate and its synonyms “lie” and “equivocate” all refer to playing fast and loose with the truth. “Lie” is the bluntest of the three. When you accuse someone of lying, you are saying he or she was intentionally dishonest, no bones about it.  Do you get it? Not rocket science.

Well I guess it’s about time to put the wrap on this commentary. Some things from the present and from the past help educate readers about the travesty of justice going on in Department 26. The time will come and hopefully soon when the egregious prosecutorial misconduct of Ferreira will come to an end and the right people incarcerated. (Have you ever just looked at someone and knew the wheel was turning but the hamster was dead?)  Just saying…




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