DON’T LET UP! – Part 3


The following editorial is Part one in a series of three to be published on the Back Story News website.   Warren Yates is an insightful and welcome contributor to Back Story News.

Here is one more example of the dishonesty and lack of integrity Cap’n Crunch Bunch exhibited until caught by the defense attorneys.

January 4, 2016Robert Forkner began a cross-examination and asked Bunch if there was one person in the car, and Bunch said no. Forkner stated that the transcripts say otherwise. DA Ferreira immediately objected saying that Forkner is attempting improper impeachment.

Martha Carlton Magana then said that all of Bunch’s testimony should be stricken because his testimony is inconsistent with the recordings. She cited several examples. Judge Zuniga denied that request stating that there will be time later on to do that.

Robert Forkner then asked Agent Bunch if one of the witnesses named Paden (Spelling ?) called him and told him that the information on the Ramey warrant was incorrect and Special Agent Bunch answered yes. He was then asked if he had told Mr. Paden about the black BMW and Special Agent Bunch answered no. Special Agent Bunch was asked if Mr. Paden accused law enforcement of false information in the Ramey warrant and Special Agent Bunch said yes but Mr. Paden was mistaken. Hmmmn? Really? Really? Special Agent Bunch.

As the afternoon session opened Robert Forkner asked Bunch if both Reedy and Romero were interviewed together. Bunch said no. Mr. Forkner then asked if Reedy could hear Romero when she made her statement? Bunch answered no. Bunch said that Reedy was walking around in the house in the front room.

Robert Forkner then referred to a transcript and told Bunch that in the transcript Reedy said after thinking about Romero’s statement is when Reedy said that Frank Carson said he would kill anyone which appears to show Bunch was not being truthful regarding who could hear Romero’s statement.

Then Mr. Garcia said wasn’t Mr. Paden annoyed and angry because of what you put in the Ramey warrant? Bunch answered well he was “concerned”. Mr. Garcia then asked did Mr. Paden say in that recorded telephone call how could I remember two years ago? Bunch then had to admit also that Paden said he did not see a second person in the car.

Then Bunch had to admit that he and his partner persisted in talking about the possibility of the seat laying down in the car where Mr. Paden couldn’t see someone. Paden confirmed that there was only one person in the car. Mr. Garcia asked bunch, didn’t Mr. Paden say that this is a bunch of bull shit? Bunch admitted that he said that.

So here we have Ferreira crying and moaning that because defense attorney Forkner showed that Cap’n Crunch Bunch lied on the stand, that that is improper impeachment. When caught in a lie you try an end run.

A citizen witness, Mr. Paden tells Cap’n Crunch Bunch that the information on the Ramey warrant was incorrect and Mr. Paden also states that there is false information in the Ramey warrant. In response Bunch says Mr. Paden was mistaken. Hmmmn? Really Cap’n Crunch Bunch? Really Special Agent Bunch? You have been the one who has been lying throughout much of this hearing and as we’ve mentioned before instead of it being perjury when you lie, you say you were “mistaken”.

Bunch and his partner persisted in trying to sway Mr. Paden’s testimony! I believe that’s called intimidation or suborning perjury. But that’s okay if Cap’n Crunch Bunch and his renegades do it on a regular basis. As I mentioned before, rather than interviewing witnesses, Cap’n Crunch Bunch and his Raiders prefer to intimidate and interrogate until they get the right answers.

I’m gonna pull the plug on this commentary and wrap it up. But before I do I am going to cut and paste a memorable news event that was reported by Herbert Morrison in 1937. It is a description of the Hindenburg Disaster. I listened to it on Google. That disaster is tantamount to the one that’s going to explode in the DAs face when this persecution is over.

“It’s practically standing still now. They’ve dropped ropes out of the nose of the ship… The back motors of the ship are just holding it just, just enough to keep it from — It burst into flames! …It’s fire—and it’s crashing! It’s crashing terrible! Oh, my, get out of the way, please! It’s burning and bursting into flames,…

… and all the folks agree that this is terrible, this is one of the worst catastrophes in the world. … It’s smoke, and it’s flames now … and the frame is crashing to the ground,…“Oh the humanity”… Honest, it’s just laying there, a mass of smoking wreckage.



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