“S” Storm #5 is hitting on February 28, 2018

“Chief and Minion Lie”

By Warren Yates

This is will be a short “S” Storm based on some hot off the press news again. This will be an update on federal case: Eugene Forte v. Stanislaus County Deputy Luke Schwartz, 1:13-01980-LJO being heard in the courtroom of corrupt judge lawrence o’Neill. Judge anthony ishii is the main ringleader with the others I mentioned before who are all committing fraud upon the court. They should have all had their robes yanked years ago.

I spoke with Gene Forte today about the first day of trial. This trial is taking place because of the lawsuit filed by Gene. It involves the unprovoked, vicious, brutal and sadistic attack on a senior citizen of small build. The Stanislaus County Dist. Atty. fladagator and you know who I mean, in concert with larry the pervert morse III have tried everything within their criminal power to stop Gene from printing about their corruption in his online newspaper the Badger Flats Gazette.

I’ve been associated with Gene since forever as his investigator. As I have commented before, I exposed a crooked lying felony false report writing Merced County deputy sheriff. His crime is contained in written documents and a videotape which I have proving beyond a reasonable doubt into a moral certainty that he is as dirty as they come. Old larry’s number one loser DA investigator patrick lunney was supposed to take all the information I provided including documentation and video and have the matter investigated.

Well guess what? I never heard from that den of corrupt filthy supposed law enforcement personnel again. Of course I wasn’t surprised. So when I didn’t hear from Turd County, I sent the whole package proving that the deputy committed perjury and filed a felony false police report to the then California Atty. Gen. kamala harris did do her job and prosecute the criminal deputy. Well guess what again? Within three days she sent back my whole investigation saying go back to the county that it occurred in and reported to them. In my letter to Turd kamala I stated that they refused to do anything about it in Merced County.

That brings up another subject that I’ll just throw in at this point and that is that there is a rumbling that harris, Mrs. oscummer and aunt oprie money bags, all are thinking about running for president in 2020. So here we have the Three Stooges of the 21st Century. “I deckla’a Miss Scarlet, isn’t that just podsnappery”. (GWTW 1939) talk about an old hen fight going on.  HAHAHAHA I can’t wait.

Okay back to business. At this point I will mention that Sgt. Randy Watkins of the Stan County Sheriff’s Department is one of the most upfront, honest and brave deputies on that agency. He is of course brave because he goes out every day to meet the public and of course there are those scum bag haters that hate all law enforcement. But he is there every day doing his job putting his life on the line.

He is also brave because he is not part of a corrupt few pieces of garbage that infiltrate the S.O. and the DAs office. Several years ago Randy took a report from Gene who is reporting that he Gene, had filed a complaint with the Merced County grand jury and a high-ranking official James Fincher and ADA Alan Turner tampered with the grand jury.

A reasonable juror could conclude that Fincher and Turner, or members of their offices,

were in contact with Watkins and schwartz’s superior, Patterson PD Chief Tori Hughes and/or other Stanislaus County Law enforcement, such as DA Birgit Fladager prior to the arrest of Forte seeking why Deputy Watkins concluded Fincher had tampered with a grand jury investigation of himself and Turner that was filed by Forte.

So here we have these two cockroaches just like dave harris scrambling around trying to hide under a pile of fecal matter when somebody turned the light switch on. In today’s testimony Sgt. Watkins again reiterated that there have been jury tampering in Merced County by the two above-mentioned pieces of garbage, Fincher and Turner. When asked if Sgt. Watkins was afraid of Gene he stated that he was not.

Earlier in the day when schwartz testified he stated that when he got out his patrol car he told Gene to turn around. Since the whole incident was recorded on video, Gene played the video for the jury and schwartz never did tell him to turn around. schwartz went immediately to try to grab Gene’s recording device. And as a videotape shows, during this traffic stop, schwartz handcuffed gene and then did a leg sweep knocking them onto the ground face down.

The video then shows gene not resisting in any manner but stating that the handcuffs were hurting his hands. The video then shows schwartz on top of Gene and slamming his head face first into the pavement with his elbow. As I said earlier in unprovoked, sadistic and brutal attack on a citizen who was offering no resistance. How schwartz faked it and passed the psychological exam will never be known. The last couple of years, schwartz has been a bailiff in the court system. Could it be that someone has seen his propensity for brutality and decided to get him off the streets?

Sgt. Watkins was asked that if schwartz said in his report that he got out and ordered Gene to turn around but the video shows that he did not tell Jean to turn around, would that be a lie? Sgt. Watkins answered yes. I commend Sgt. Watkins for his honesty and integrity knowing that the chain of command would not be pleased. Hopefully, there will be no retaliatory measures taken by the chain of command to make Sgt. Watkins life miserable. If they do, I know three attorneys that would jump at the chance to take that case.

Next is the former chump I mean chief at the Patterson outpost, tori hughes. When she got on the stand when asked questions regarding what happened during the schwartz brutality, she did not have a brain fart, she had brain diarrhea. Virtually every question she was asked she stated either I don’t recall or I don’t remember. While schwartz was testifying he stated they did have meetings regarding Gene and what to do if they ran into him. When hughes was asked about the meetings with the deputies, she then lied and said she doesn’t know about any meetings. There are so many people with their head in a noose, those corrupt ones as mentioned earlier are scrambling around like cockroaches when the lights go on.

The fladagator and harris are going on the stand tomorrow. They had no idea what questions Gene will be asking, but I do. It won’t be what they are expecting. They will be staying up all night tonight trying to bounce questions off each other as to what to expect. They will never figure it out.

Well those are just some of the highlights. I think the fact that the jury has heard from the two liars so far that have a lot to lose, upon hearing the honesty of Sgt. Watkins, they took it as a breath of fresh air and getting the bad taste out of their mouth after hearing hughes and schwartz of the Stanislaus County liars club.

BTW remember no respect, no caps.








Eugene Forte v. Stanislaus County Deputy Luke Schwartz, 1:13-01980-LJO