It has been sometime since I last wrote a commentary. I have had other pursuits that took me away from the courtroom during jury selection. I am now ready to once again strike fear into the hearts of the nefarious, devious and wretched law enforcement personnel in the courtroom and in her ivory tower, to show how they are performing an abortion on Lady Justice. Let the games begin!!!

Today April 24, 2018 I saw an article in the newspaper reporting that the notice of a pending lawsuit regarding Eduardo Quintanar, Jr. was served on risk management in Stanislaus County and the City Modesto. This is the third lawsuit filed as a result of the malicious and wrongful persecution, whoops, dad gummed spellcheck anyway, I mean the wrongful and malicious prosecution of eight innocent citizens. While actually, now that I think about it, persecution would be the correct word accompanied by wrongful and malicious.

It was also revealed that during a candidate’s forum in Patterson California, the current and hopefully very soon former district attorney fladager made statements that even if a defendant was factually innocent of the offense he/she had been charged with, their young fresh out of law school red-hot fledgling deputy Dist. Atty. should proceed with the case anyway to obtain trial experience.

fladager openly in a recorded public forum advocated malicious prosecutions just to get a few trials under the belt of her “newbies”. I believe that the brand spanking new deputy Dist. Atty.’s are not actually aware that they are like lambs being led the slaughter. This shameful policy of fladager’s not only borders on illegal but it storms triumphantly across the border into the land of impropriety. It is obvious that fladager believes that she is a czarina but she does not realize that SHE IS NOT in Russia.

I found her warped sense of justice so egregious that I responded to the article on the digital Modesto Bee this morning with this comment: “And now at the candidates forum in Patterson, the wicked witch hiding in the penthouse at the top of the District Attorney’s Office admits that it doesn’t matter whether the facts support that there has been a crime or not, she insists that the newbies fresh out of law school in the District Attorney’s Office prosecute any and all, guilty or innocent citizens for on-the-job training.
fladager has inherited the genetic mental deficiencies of other evil women such as Gertrude Baniszewski, Charlene Adelle Gallego, Rosemary West and Lucrezia Borgia. Those other evil women murdered or had murdered other human beings. fladager has in no way killed any human beings physically.

However when you go on a power trip and engage in a personal vendetta such as she has against Frank Carson and then ruin so many innocent persons financially, physically and emotionally, have you not killed them though not physically? You fladager are a truly evil person. You have cost taxpayers uncharted millions in your evil quest to destroy Frank Carson and will cost taxpayers many, many millions more in the lawsuits for malicious prosecutions. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Exhibit 1= fladager.

Any person that would vote to keep her in office better go to church and pray. Pray that one of your loved ones or worse yet, YOU, an innocent person, wrongfully charged does not get in the cross-hairs of fladager, She will have you wrongfully prosecuted to use you as cannon fodder just to train freshman deputy district attorneys. If you vote for her you obviously believe that Jeffrey Dahmer was just a master chef”.

That being said, it just hit me that I was just dropped from her Christmas card list for 2018. I guess I should learn to keep my mouth shut instead of going full bore in my use of the First Amendment. ;0)

When I was in court this afternoon, Hans Hjertonsson and Jai Gohel gave very effective opening statements. During their presentations, both used PowerPoint outlining what the evidence would show. During their presentations I found it amusing that quite often, fladager’s sock puppet ferreira would say “objection”. About 80% of her objections were sustained because of something they said but come on now people, you ”can’t un-ring the bell”!!!

Just like when ferreira mentioned in her opening statement about an alleged fight the night before between Korey Kauffman and one of the Athwals when she was instructed not to mention it. The mom that she did that a mis-trial should have been declared and a new jury brought in but that didn’t happen. ferreira is digging and scratching to try to get a leg up before the actual trial even starts.

I mentioned in one of my last articles that fladager has never appeared in the courtroom during the preliminary hearing or until this point in the trial. Toward the end of the preliminary hearing, Judge Zuniga berated, ridiculed and chastised fladager for never making an appearance in such an important case. I also mentioned that people in the gallery are taking bets as to whether or not fladager will ever show her face in this case. All my money is on the side that says she will stay in her ivory tower at the District Attorney’s Office and never venture out of there. She might find out like Chicken Little did that it is not the sky that is falling, but it may be her ivory tower crumbling down around her.

After the jury had left this afternoon the issue came up regarding third-party culpability and the fact that the judge would not allow the defense to bring in evidence showing that Michael Cooley always had a knife or two on him and was constantly threatening with his knife. Since the DOJ experts said that Korey Kauffman’s jacket had a couple of perforations that looks like it could have been a knife, she is still not going to let the defense bring and Michael Cooley’s propensity to threaten people with his “Arkansas Toothpick”. Look it up folks.

From a December 3 2015 commentary:

“The toll charge to the thieves to enter Frank Carson’s property through the fence and come back through onto Michael Cooley’s property was to allow Michael Cooley to take whatever he wanted of the stolen property from the thieves for himself. And Ronald Cooper testified that if there was any argument between the thieves and Michael Cooley, Michael Cooley’s knife decided who would win, the thieves or Michael Cooley. But Cooper doesn’t want to be called a “snitch”. Imagine that.

Michael Cooley’s feigned anger at Frank Carson was to disguise the fact that Michael Cooley is a hypocritical thief that will stop at nothing including assault with a deadly weapon (Knife) to take whatever stolen property he wants for himself. The question arises, did Korey Kauffman unfortunately argue with “Alligator” Cooley regarding some of the stolen property Cooley wanted? Don’t know, just saying… Do we see another person with a motive to murder Korey Kaufman here? Ya think maybe? The one who was admittedly the last person to see Korey Kaufman alive? Just saying…”

From a January 5, 2016 commentary- Well the first recording of an interview with Kimberly Stout and Bunch and his partner was played. During part of the audio tape Stout indicated that Michael Cooley and Eula Keyes had stolen a lot of stuff from Frank Carson’s property. They then either sold it to Linda Fisher or exchanged it for drugs. Stout said that Linda Fisher is the one selling dope to everybody.

She also stated that Michael Cooley had set Korey Kauffman up because Cooley felt that Corey was trying to make a move on Eula. (Chortle, chortle) She also stated that she hoped that Korey Kauffman was going to be okay as Michael Cooley had made a threat against him. Bunch was heard on the tape then saying that Korey Kauffman had stolen stuff too.

So here we have Kimberly Stout talking about Michael Cooley and Eula Keyes’s stealing property from Frank Carson and then selling it to a fence by the name of Linda Fisher or exchanging the property for drugs because Fisher is also a drug dealer. Do we see any reports regarding thefts, possession of stolen property are being busted for selling drugs to these fine citizens? No of course not because they are some of the persecutions star witnesses. Hang on for the free ride.

So even though witnesses stated that Michael Cooley felt that Korey Kauffman was trying to hustle his girlfriend and was upset about it and threatened Korey, the judge rules that the admissions are not admissible. How messed up is that?

And well that’s about it for me tonight people with a little history lesson showing that there certainly were other people who could have been connected or committed what ever happened to Korey. I probably won’t be able to make it into court tomorrow to see the finish of Mr. Gohel’s opening statement. I will report back as often as I can.



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