April 26, 2018 – I was able to make it into court this afternoon. I understood that Patrick Hampton was going to be “testilying” today. I was about 10 minutes late getting in because the deputies wouldn’t clear me to in with my tinfoil hat on. So I had to go back to the mother ship and hang it there.

As I entered the courtroom and took a seat in the gallery and I did not have my glasses and as I looked at the witness stand, it appeared to be the Michelin Man or his son the Pillsbury Dough Boy up there. I asked the person next to me who that was and he told me that it was Patrick Hampton. Lawdy, lawdy child. Dey sho do feed those rascals in the joint real good.

Before I get into talking about today’s “Clown for a day” I’m going to comment on a post that posted on that was there merely for one day. I had commented on it and then the second day I saw that the posted been removed. On the day it was posted, Frank Carson had ALLEGEDLY made some type of disparaging remark/s in the direction of a couple of law enforcement personnel associated with this case while leaving the courtroom.

I was told that Jon (Don’t mention domestic violence around me) Evers asked one of the persons in the gallery if they heard what Frank Carson had ALLEGEDLY said. It’s my understanding that the person said that they did hear something and apparently whatever it was upset a couple of the law enforcement personnel present. Since that poses been removed I am going to now post here what my comment was when Frank Carson ALLEGEDLY said some “Baaaad words” directed at certain law enforcement personnel.

“I worked the streets for 27 years in law enforcement. I have been called mf’r, cs’r,pig, oinker, bacon, illegitimate, and POS. If I wrote a report and submitted it to a court for the literally hundreds of times I’ve been called names, I would still be writing those reports to a court.

California Penal Code Section 415 subsection (3) states: “Any person who uses offensive words in a public place which are inherently likely to provoke an immediate violent reaction”. When I graduated from the police academy, our class did not graduate any “pussys”!!!! A police officers peace cannot be disturbed by the use of offensive words. As long as those offensive words are not accompanied by threats of any kind, there is no violation.

For those law enforcement officers who have had their sensitive feelings hurt by being called bad words, they better read the Bill of Rights and concentrate on the First Amendment. If you are a law enforcement officer and bad words offend you and hurt your feelings, you are in the wrong profession. Leave that profession before you go into a deep depression and move into your parent’s basement.

And for those law enforcement officers present and were offended by what Frank Carson said, I have three words for you, “GROW A SET”.

In this article I am going to discuss a little bit about Patrick Hampton. I will be cutting and pasting some parts of my commentaries written during the preliminary hearing. Once it was confirmed to me that that was actually Patrick Hampton sitting in the witness chair, I barely recognized him because he was wearing a shirt and tie instead of the usual orange and white prison jumpsuits he seems to favor. I remember the slogan from an old TV commercial that said “YOU’VE COME A LONG WAY BABY”.  Just saying…

Ferreira schmoozed Hampton through a series of questions and he seemed to enjoy. After approximately 20 minutes or so of Sesame Street level questions, it is now time for Final Jeopardy” with the defense attorneys playing Alex Trebek. The first defense attorney for cross-examination was Percy Martinez. From the time in the preliminary hearing it has become obvious that Hampton has a great dislike for Mr. Martinez.

At points during the cross-examination Hampton became borderline belligerent and would ask a stupid question and the judge would have to admonish Hampton just to answer the question and not ask a question. Hampton’s mood completely changed from his attitude when he was answering Ferreira’s underhand softball type questions and the attitude he took on when Mr. Martinez began throwing 106 MPH fastballs at him.

As an example, Mr. Martinez asked him who was present when he approached Mr. Carson in the lobby of the courthouse to ask your question. Hampton’s reply was “just people, I don’t know, there could’ve been a transvestite there”. Watching the jury after he said that, I noticed that several roll their eyes and were writing on their notepads. Probably making notes because when this whole mess is over, they will be telling their friends they’ll never believe this. And I’m sure most won’t.

Now Hampton is trying to keep it as cool as he can, but he can’t veil his sarcasm and dis-taste for Mr. Martinez and it is showing. Temper, temper now Patrick, be good or they won’t let you have thirds again in the chow hall. I am going to go down memory lane now and cut and paste some memorable moments when little old Patrick was sounding off in the preliminary hearing. So here we go:

From January 5, 2016 – Mr. Garcia issued his own subpoenas and did not want to use the district attorney for subpoenas for obvious reasons. He said that Patrick Hampton is an informant and the DA refuses to say informant or snitch, regarding Hampton’s status. Mr. Garcia said that the district attorney is controlling her witnesses and her accusation that the defense is using ambushing tactics is absurd. He stated he wants information to impeach Patrick Hampton and the DA is holding information and he hopes the court does not allow the DA to impede the efforts to obtain impeachable evidence.

Mr. Martinez then stated that the Dist. Atty.’s comments were offensive. He said that Patrick Hamptons information should of been provided by the district attorney. He said there was an informant agreement in 1994 which makes Patrick Hampton a snitch.

Defense attorney Robert Forkner then stated that in order to be an informant or snitch you don’t have to receive money, reduced time on your sentence or an early kick out. He stated that Patrick Hampton was in Pelican Bay state prison and he wanted out of one of the hardest prisons in California. That was his consideration for any testimony he gave in the other murder case. And that is consideration. As an observer it would appear that Patrick Hampton gravitates toward murder cases.

Martha Carlton Magana then stated that documents show that Patrick Hampton continually provides information to authorities.

DA Ferreira was then talking about the information that came in from the CDC regarding Hampton. She’s is hinting that she wanted to get it. Judge Zuniga then told Ms. Ferreira that she is not entitled to the information since it is Mr. Garcia’s subpoena. She could get her own subpoena.

From May 7, 2016 – I had been in court on May 27, 2016 when Patrick Hampton was on the witness stand. On that day his actions on the stand were egregious and disrespectful toward the defense attorneys and ultimately toward the judge who refuse to put a muzzle on this mongrel mutt.

On that day his actions on the stand were egregious and disrespectful toward the defense attorneys and ultimately toward the judge who refused to put a muzzle this mongrel mutt.

While sitting there listening to this poster child for birth control spewing his invectives without regard for decency, he was heard to say in response to defense attorneys questions or just to hear himself talk, Hampton was heard to say the following: are you blind?, What does that have to do with this case?, Get to the point, you call them and you ask them, get your facts straight, clean your ears out, you tell me you know everything, are you a pedophile Percy?, Get to the point, you look like a pedophile on a skateboard.

Hampton is an admitted career criminal who will steal from anyone, commit a home invasion robbery, steel another potheads grow if he got the chance and finally rat or snitch anyone out he would have to in order to better his position either monetarily or get a better position while in jail or prison. He is what is known in the criminal world as a rat or snitch and he will be forever until he himself is shanked, wear a rat jacket or a snitch jacket.

While on the stand Hampton acts like a balloon you’ve blown up that’s all big and puffed up, full of hot air and ominous. But off the stand Hampton looks like a balloon when you let go of the neck and all the hot air rushes rapidly out and the balloon deflates into nothing. The case in point is that on the witness stand Hampton looks like a real bad dude acting tough with bailiff’s there to protect him.  But off the witness stand and in the environment that he loves, whether jail or prison, he is a whiny little crybaby begging for the guards to protect him from all of the people that he ratted and snitched on.

From December 30, 2015 – Then Robert Forkner stated that Hampton first denied being an informant and when pressed finally admitted it. Mr. Forkner said that Ms. Ferreira had presented no specific information that indicated that Hampton would be in jeopardy. He then requested that Judge Zuniga have an in camera hearing so Ms. Ferreira could present evidence she has to show that Mr. Hampton would be in danger.

Ms. Ferreira then admitted that she had no evidence showing that his life would be in danger. Judge Zuniga then stated that Ms. Ferreira’s arguments were offensive and that Hampton would be required to answer the question.  Ouch! Point Smack down number 3.

Star witness Hampton was then brought back in and resumed the stand. Ms. Magana then said well what is your category? Hampton then said what’s wrong with orange?  Frank is in PC. Ms. Magana then listed of the categories again and said which one was it? Hampton answered it was because of enemies in jail.

Ms. Magana asked who are the enemies and Hampton answered none your business. Ms. Magana asked again who are the enemies and Hampton again stated none of your business. Ms. Magana asked for the third time, who are your enemies and Hampton again said none of your business. Hampton then said “you sound like a broken record Martha”.

Well Hampton is taken off the stand again and placed in the soundproof room. Deputy district attorney Ferreira then complains to the Judge that she is worried because Hampton is an at risk witness and he lives an at risk life. Golly Gee! Here we have a dreg of society who is a methamphetamine and heroin addict, who is an informant in and out of jail, admits to being a career criminal and even helps out on an occasional  home invasion robbery.

Ms. Ferreira has a touching regard for the safety of this star witness. There is no question that Hampton leads and at risk life. Dealing drugs can get you killed. Being a snitch can get you killed. Using dope can kill you if you overdose. And last but not least, doing home invasions can get you shot and killed if you invade the wrong home.

Judge Zuniga then told Ms. Ferreira that you are making it much more difficult and complicated than it needs to be. Ms. Ferreira then said well if you’re going to make him answer, and then Judge Zuniga interrupted her and said “Let me handle this ma’am”. Ouch! Smack down number 4.

Okay, that’s enough memory Lane for today. Hopefully I’ll be able to be back in court in the morning, because watching Patrick Hampton “testi-lie” is like watching the clown routine at the greatest show on earth.

That’s all for now folks.



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