May 4, 2018  – This will be the first commentary I have written in a while. I have been pretty busy with other pursuits. I have been hunting wild boars in Borneo, rodents in Rhodesia and salamanders in Salvador. I have not been able to write commentaries as often as I would like to. The few days I have been able to be in court I will expound on now. What a show it has been so far and we have just scratched the surface. I will be putting in snippets and some memories from the archives.

I will not necessarily be indicating which session I’m putting the information here from so it’s all lumped into one great commentary. (Yea I know. Sometimes I wonder how I get my head through the door. :0) )

Each time I have been present in the courtroom, it is always customary for everyone at the prosecution table and everyone at the defense table to stand and face the jury as they come in. The big problem I see is, in that as the jury comes down the aisle to file into the jury box, they pass directly by Ferrera and Bunch. As each member of the jury passes by within about 3 feet of Ferrera, she smiles and nods and looks at each one with a goofy smile on her face. On the other hand, Bunch stands there beside her with a face that shows no emotion or puppy dog eyes like Ferrera.

I believe that this conduct by Ferrera and is prejudicial. She stands there looking like the greeter at Walmart. As a matter of fact, she may be practicing for her next job when this trial is over. This is revolting and stomach churning every time I see it. I mentioned it to one of the attorneys and he stated that there is nothing they can do about it. Respectfully I say BS!!!

She should be made to stand on Bunch’s left side where the jurors will not have eye contact with her as they go into the jury box. I am sure that if the jurors passed by a defense attorney on their way to the jury box and the attorney happened to smile as they go by and make eye contact, Ferrera would really get her panties in a wad. Again I think this is revolting and prejudicial. I don’t know how many times I will be puking before this trial is over.

The next person that I paid attention to on the stand was Linda Burns. Now as I discussed above, I will be going back into the archives to bring out some information about the lovely Ms. Burns for the preliminary hearing. Very sad and unfortunate, looking at her it is obvious that meth and all other illegal drugs are bad. She has made a major change in her looks since the days of the preliminary hearing. You figure out which way. I am reminded of the old story about a fellow who woke up after a night of drinking too much and had to quietly chew his arm off. Nuff said.

When she came in to court yesterday for the first time, she forgot to wear her oxygen tube in her nose. Then something sparked her memory, could it have been a signal from Ferrera? And then she put it in her nose. Just saying…

Ferrera asks some questions asks some softball questions of Burns which elicited the following information: When Burns moved to Keyes the house she was living in burned down. The origin of the fire was not disclosed but when meth heads are doing their thing, bad things can happen. Burns then stated that she moved in with her brother Michael Cooley for a while. Burns stated that she used to do meth a long time ago but not a lot. At this point I figured out why they put seatbelts in the chairs in the courtroom. Had it not been for my seatbelt being on, I would’ve rolled out on the floor laughing. You have to remember that to a tweaker, a long time ago could have been just yesterday.

She also stated that her brother Michael Cooley never did any meth around her. Again my body was tugging at the seatbelt holding me in my seat. And I used to wonder why I wasn’t selling any freezers in Alaska. She also stated that there had been a hole in the fence going into the property of Frank Carson and that Michael Cooley her brother, had been doing some repair work on it to try to keep the dogs from going through the hole. There goes that seatbelt tugging me again.

I actually think that brother Michael was repairing the tollgate he had set up to charge people going into Frank Carson’s property to steal his property. I don’t know if Michael charged them going in and coming out also, but being a good businessman he is, I am sure he had both ends covered if you get my drift.

So after a series of questions I saw Bunch we know we’re and whisper something in Ferrera’s ear. My first thought was that it was sweet nothings. But then Ferrera looked at Burns and said “Are you all right? Do you need your oxygen?”. The objections were shouted out in unison. The judge gave for a scorned look at her and then called for an immediate sidebar. The sidebar was rather lengthy and at the conclusion the judge instructed the jury to go back down stairs into the jury room. The judge also had Burns step out of the courtroom.

The judge then stated to Ferrera that she was not aware that Burns had an oxygen unit on her. The tank that Burns had inside of a bag with a shoulder strap about the size of a “Fosters Lager Oil Can” (Google it). Now keep this in mind because when she came into the courtroom on May 4, it was much different. It looked like the size of the fire extinguisher on the wall across from the entrance to the court. My my grandma, how big your oxygen tank has grown. I guess the little tank didn’t elicit enough sympathy from the jury.

So after the judge admonished Ferrera regarding her conduct, the defense attorneys expressed the fact that what she did was prosecutorial misconduct and a mistrial should be granted. While we all know how the judge feels about granting mistrials.  “NOT IN MY COURTROOM!!!”.

The judge then brought Burns back into the courtroom and made her demonstrate how she packs her nose attachment into the small bag that has the alleged oxygen tank in it. She then excused her from the courtroom again. The judge indicated that she did not see Burns with the tubes in her nose when she came into the courtroom.

Attorney Gohel and stated that Ferrera did what she did which is improper to elicit sympathy from the jury because Ferrera knows that the defense attorneys will be the next to question Burns and she wants to make the defense attorneys look like bullies. Ferrera of course pleads I am too stupid to play the dumb card.

With the jury out of the courtroom, the judge told Ferrera”It is so improper, what you did. You don’t think things through. That was not the right thing to do. Do I think you did it on purpose? No. You just stumble into this behavior. You better believe that next time Ferrera will remind her to put that oxygen in our we can’t get the full sympathetic affect. It appears that Ferrera has adopted hillary clinton’s philosophy of “What difference does it make at this point”.

From December 3, 2015 “Oh wait! My bad! There aren’t any criminal charges pending against Michael Cooley, Eula Keyes or Linda Burns for possession of stolen property either. Now whose fault do you suppose that is? And their free ride for possession of stolen property of course, has nothing to do with the testimony they are presenting in this case. DUH? Anything wrong with any of these pictures?  Just saying…”. They call her free ride Linda.

From March 24, 2017 “Jesse Garcia:  He says in 18 months we have all observed that the testimony presented has been being disappointing that it offered nothing but lies from the stand. Linda Sue Burns thoroughly impeached by their own testimony as most of the witnesses have been, especially after listening to their audios and videos.

From November 17, 2015 “Fact number six, according to Eula Keyes testimony she, Michael Cooley, Rick Cooley and Linda Burns were all involved in selling the antiques stolen from Frank Carson’s property. In looking at the Stanislaus County court index, I don’t seem to find any charges pending against them for possession of stolen property at a minimum. (496 PC). Maybe I just didn’t have my glasses on.” (Note: Sarcasm) just saying…

Percy Martinez asked Burns whether she would lie to protect her brother. Burns blurted out”I’m here to tell the truth!”. Oh man, that seatbelt nearly cut me and a half on that one.  Old Linbda is one pitiful sight. At this point of the day as if on cue, she begins to speak with a weak voice and she keeps her nose close to the microphone so that you can hear her breathing.

She was then asked if the stolen property was brought to her house so she could give it to the “fence” Mark Sonora. She said no so emphatically I again nearly had a stomach cramp from the seatbelt. She then said the Mr. Martinez and a grouchy manner I don’t know if you can’t hear me, no!!!! Mr. Martinez then began to ask “Do you remember and then Burns blurted out no do you? So me lady Linda is getting a bit testy at this point. So she is now rubbing her eyes, being loud and abrasive in her answer and trying to look pathetic (No problem for her)for the jury as she was instructed to do.(Not saying by who). Just saying…

During the breaks Burns had been sitting and talking with Detective navarro in the hallway. After the last break when she was on the stand toward the end of the day, Mr. Martinez asked her what they were talking about. She stated she and frank were talking about cats since they both appear to be cat fanciers. Pole cats , alley cats and oxy cats, if you get my drift.

Well, that’s going on about wrap it up for now. During my exploits looking for rodents in Rhodesia, I realized that there is an abundance of rats right here in Stanislaus County. Don’t believe me? Come into court and decide for yourself.


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