5-25-18 – This is Friday and it is Memorial Day weekend. Before I do my commentary I want to make it known that this is not just another three-day weekend so that everybody can go out and party, get drunk, have picnics and family gatherings. That is the usual tradition on Memorial Day weekend.

I want to take this opportunity to say what the true meaning of Memorial Day weekend is. The very fact that people can go out and party, have fun, family reunions and generally kick back is because of the military might of our great nation. I don’t have the number of the brave servicemen and servicewomen throughout our history that have fought and died to allow the people in the first paragraph to be able to have their fun.

Let’s take some time this weekend to pray for all of our service personnel throughout the world who are sacrificing to make this country free. Exercise the God given rights of life, liberty and freedom that our forefathers started and our wonderful current military forces fight to maintain for us. God bless our military and God bless the United States of America.

It was my intention that I would be able to provide a document today that would make “Little Rocket Man’s” threat to go nuclear, look like a firecracker when talking about the Carson trial. I was so excited about the result of what this document could create, it nearly made me pee my pants. But then I remembered that I did not have my “Depends” on and I caught myself.  (WHEW!!!)

Then this morning my hopes were dashed. DANG!! I have been advised that I must forgo my instant gratification and opt instead for a long term satisfaction. I can say that when it comes to receiving cooperation in certain county offices, cooperation is an 11 letter word that prior was considered a 4 letter word. So now I have to go all the way through a four-day weekend, holiday at that, before the controversy can be commenced.

I can tell you that a certain county office that is supposed to serve the people caused us to be chasing around the flagpole of inconvenience. The full story about that will come out later.

So today Ricky Cooley and Eula Keyes were spinning their stories before the jury. There is an old saying that says “The wind blew and the crap flew and two more liars hung around for a day or two”.  Well, let’s do a little review from the archives that I’ve been covering since this fladager/ferreira dog and pony show began.

Let’s start out with America’s sweetheart Eula Keyes.

October 30, 2015When Keyes was questioned by a defense attorney regarding what her pending charges are, she looked like a deer caught in the headlights. She stated that she has a pending drug charge. The attorney then asked if it was for possession or possession for sale? She stated it was for possession only. He asked if there were any other charges and she stated no.

Rather than call her a bald-faced liar, I’ll just say that she was not forthcoming with the whole truth. If you check the Stanislaus County court index using the right spelling of her name, Keyes, you will find case number 1456076 with a criminal complaint filed on April 4, 2013 charging a violation of 11377(A) of the Health & Safety Code, POSSESSION of a controlled substance. That case was adjudicated through prop 47 and she was granted diversion in that matter. Now I guess this is the case that she was talking about when asked what cases she had pending.

Also on the Stanislaus County court index is case number 1471029 with a criminal complaint filed on February 28, 2014 charging a violation of 11378 of the Health & Safety Code, possession of a controlled substance FOR SALE. When asked what other charges were pending on this case, she stated no other charges. But examining the court index it shows she is also charged with 11350(A)-possess narcotic controlled substance, 30305(A)(1) – illegal possession of ammunition, two counts of 11 364.1(A) possession of drug paraphernalia. This is the case that Eula Keyes apparently let slip her mind.

In an unusual but not surprising anomaly, her domestic partner Michael Dean Cooley was arrested at the same time along with Eula and booked on the identical charges.
Both Keyes and Cooley were arrested in the middle of task force investigation, I mean investigation unit investigation. Task force is a no-no word. Other cases have been pending since they were filed on February 28, 2014. Eula was asked by the defense attorney if she is receiving any benefit on her cases for her testimony in this case. She stated she does not expect (But she won’t turn down) a better deal because of her testimony.

Then one of the attorneys asked her if investigator Bunch had become mad at her after her arrest saying “why you slinging dope instead of staying clean”. She said he didn’t say that but rather that I should just be good.

The complete commentary above was posted in the Modesto Bee on that date. I am going to paste below some comments made on this article:

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Julie Grimm ·

Modesto, California

Mr. Yates – you are a dick. way to look down on the less fortunate, harassed and obviously intimidated witness who has had the misfortune of being tangled up in this mess and enduring the loss of a friend all while in the eyes of the public. who cares what you think. everyone can see that once again, the upper class will whine snivel and finally cut a check to get away with doing whatever they feel entitled to doing. expensive, but, must be nice. pony up boys. Lord knows Stanislus County needs the revenue.
would be delighted to see some justice come out of this somehow. anyone else?

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Stephanie Franklin ·

Modesto, California

Julie Grimm Perhaps in your haste to judge Mr. Yates you neglected to read some of his previous comments. He does indeed have sympathy for the family of Korey Kauffman, as many of us do. If you would like to attend the hearing and report on the things you see and hear, I, for one, would be happy to read them.

Warren Yates – I’m unsure where my previous question went, so I’ll re-ask. Is it customary to videotape preliminary hearings?

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Susan Bass ·

Venice High School

Julie Grimm You like using the word dick don’t you? You need to back the hell up. No one has harassed or intimidated these so called witnesses. These people are no good lying drug attic thiefs. They tell so many lies they can’t remember what they said. Instead of getting a real job they perfer to steal from honest hard working people to support their drug habits. These misfortune druggies are the ones who made this mess in which their good friend was killed. Mr. Yates is a honest man and I for one care a great deal in what he has to say. Just because a Algerian ruffled your feathers don’t think you can jump in here and take it out on Mr. Yates or anyone else for that matter. Since you seem to care so much for the druggies I’m sure you won’t mind when they steal from you.

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Steve Green

Julie Grimm Miss Grimm your comments on what truth is coming out because this man is watching carefully makes you the “dick”. And as they always say, “Just because you have one, doesn’t mean you have to be one”.

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Tammy Belcher Redden ·

Chatsworth High School

Warren Yates
Might I say as many of others have also said your doing a GREAT job at reporting. I want to thank you for all your hard work and time you have put into case.

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Warren Yates ·

Owner-Operator at Yates Investigative Services

Wow. I didn’t realize I caused such a poop storm. I really appreciate those of you that support my postings even in the face of my critical review. I will not stoop to Ms. Grimm’s level and react to name calling. In my law enforcement career I have been called things many times worse. You can call me Teflon because the name calling just slides off me.

The only thing I will make a retort to is that I guess some people care what I think in contradiction to your comment. In parting Ms. Grimm: The truth? You can’t handle the truth.

BTW – Ms. Grimm  could pass for the twin sister of fladager. Hey, you don’t suppose fladager is trying to pull a fast one do you? Just saying…

November 16, 2015 – Mr. Forkner also states that the prosecution witnesses are a group of career criminals. One has but to look at the witnesses that have been called so far. For most of them it seems the main source of their income is gathered through nefarious means.  How many of the current crop of prosecution witnesses would you hire to keep an eye on your house while you are away on a brief vacation?  Talk about a no-brainer. Just saying…

While most all of the civilian witnesses that have testified so far would no doubt slit your throat to get money for their next fix, NONE of the accused have had to resort to selling drugs, stealing the property of others, making a deal with the DA for the reduction of charges, dismissal of charges, keep them out of prison and safe from the “Northern Riders”, commit domestic violence or embezzle money from their doctor employer.

Fact number two, Eula Keyes admitted on the witness stand that she and Michael Cooley been selling methamphetamine. Both have a case pending with several charges including sales of methamphetamine.

Fact number six, according to Eula Keyes testimony she, Michael Cooley, Rick Cooley and Linda Burns were all involved in selling the antiques stolen from Frank Carson’s property. In looking at the Stanislaus County court index, I don’t seem to find any charges pending against them for possession of stolen property at a minimum. (496 PC). Maybe I just didn’t have my glasses on. (Note: Sarcasm) just saying…

November 17, 2015 Next on the witness stand was Turlock police Detective Tim Redd. Redd was asked what his job was in the Frank Carson investigation. He stated he was the author of search warrants and arrest warrants. While at his office he was working the drug unit and a confidential informant bought a controlled substance from Michael Cooley.

The informant was taken to Michael Cooley’s house to purchase the drugs. Eula Keyes was present when the controlled buy went down. Detective Redd served a search warrant on the residence of Michael Cooley and Eula Keyes. During the search they found methamphetamine packets under the refrigerator and some black tar heroin on Michael Cooley’s nightstand in the bedroom.

Michael Cooley said that the methamphetamine belonged to Eula Keyes because she was selling it. Both asked if they make a deal. They were advised that if they could make some buys getting dealers higher up on the chain that he, Detective Redd would talk to the DA if they get something good. So both agreed to become snitches in order to mitigate their circumstances and jail or prison time.

So they were released out the back door of the police department to go fish looking for some bigger fish than they were. Well neither one had any luck catching any bigger fish and they were then arrested for charges ranging from sales of controlled substance to ammunition possession and various other charges.

This is the arrest that the deputy public defender said in earlier testimony that a deal had been made to ensure that Michael Cooley would not go to prison because he is afraid that the gangs would get him because of being a snitch. Detective Redd stated that both Cooley and Keyes were not confidential informants but merely snitches trying to work their beef off.

July 21, 2017Then there’s Michael Cooley who based on his violent nature should have been a suspect in the slaying of Korey Kaufman. This because Cooley thought that poor Korey Kaufman was trying to hustle Michael’s girlfriend Eula Keyes. The last time I heard, Korey Kaufman was not blind when he lived in Turlock. There is no way that Cooley would let anybody try to move in on HIS squeeze.

 Now in exchange for his testimony, Cooley was promised that he would not have to go to prison if he was ever convicted because he doesn’t like it there and which is unlikely because the DA needs to keep them out before the trial of Frank Carson. No deals here folks. Move on.

Now mind you, Cooley and his squeeze Keyes were charged on February 28, 2014 with three felonies and two misdemeanors. So their cases have been dragging on for 3 ½ years. Their last pretrial was July 14, 2017 and their next pretrial is October 4, 2017. No deals here folks. Nothing to see.

Well boys and girls, so much for Eula Keyes. Credibility? Come on, you got to be kidding me!! I would take the word of a starving used-car salesman before I could believe anything somebody with Eula Keyes record would say. Or should I say “TESTI-LIE” to. Well jurors, you’ll have to make up your own mind about America’s sweetheart.

Okay, briefly I was in court this afternoon for what was going to be the arraignment of Scott McFarland after he had had the case dismissed by Judge Moody as there was no evidence of a homicide. That is an interesting point. Because there has never been any viable evidence that Korey Kauffman was the victim of a homicide. DA has yet to establish that fact. But the day after Scott’s dismissal, fladager’s flunkees run down and file charges again.

The District Attorney’s Office just can’t let go. They’re going down in flames and know it. They have already lost three of the Carson 8 and Scott would’ve been the fourth. Hey losers: take your foot off the gas you’re headed for a cliff and you are too stupid to realize it. The District Attorney’s Office reminds me of a bunch of little ankle biting yapping Chihuahuas that are about to get eaten up by pit bull defense attorneys. Bon appétit Mr. Martinez, Mr. Hjertonsson and Mr. Gohel.

The afternoon session today consisted of judge zuniga being recused on a 170.6 motion who handed the case over to Judge Westbrook. The gallery moved to Judge Westbrook’s courtroom and when the case was called, my dam   (Durn spell-check anyway) Mme. chief deputy district attorney ferreira immediately filed a 170.6 motion to recuse Judge Westbrook. (Anything you can do, I can do better. Neener, Neener, Neener.)

So that was the action for this afternoon so I am going to close this commentary at this time.

Please remember to pray for and to thank our wonderful men and women in the military service. Because of their dedication I can write commentaries like this and you can celebrate the freedom they provide to us with your families.

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