BREAKING NEWS: 8-8-18 Birgit Fladager sworn in as President of California District Attorneys Association. All of Stanislaus County are counting on the fact that this will be the shortest reign of any president of the district attorneys Association.

Dump fladagar or experience more corruption, under handedness, vindictiveness, spite, malice and dishonesty. Her motto is “if I don’t like em, book em”. This is evidenced by the Carson trial. Don’t forget that fladagar has given orders that even though a defendant is factually innocent, new deputy DAs are ordered to go to trial with factually innocent people for practice.

So even if you are innocent, your life can be ruined by a corrupt Dist. Atty. who is losing all of her senior deputy district attorneys because of her is egregious and unethical mis-management of the District Attorney’s Office. She will order you maliciously prosecuted even though you are factually innocent. She should have been removed from office by the Board of Supervisors many years ago for prosecutorial misconduct and ruining innocent lives. She is a disgrace to honest and ethical district attorneys everywhere. And now they have elected her president of the DAs Association. But remember, this is the California DAs Association. AND WE ARE IN CALIFORNIA.

I feel that I like many other citizens in Stanislaus County exercising their First Amendment rights have a target on our backs. I am trusting God to protect me from being falsely accused of an offense I did not commit.

August 8, 2018 -“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…”, this was the phrase that the circus ringmaster greeted the audiences at a circus with. I use it as my opening because I am once again going to be elucidating on this three ring circus and dog and pony show that the “FLADAGATOR” is persecuting and losing in the Frank Carson, et al case.

Much to the chagrin of several members of the District Attorney’s Office I will use a quote originating with Mark Twain: “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”  So yes, I am back in full force and effect in an attempt to educate the public and any jury members that may be reading this, and I know some of you are. I had a couple of personal issues plus a death in the family that sidelined me from exposing the truth for a period of time.

Prior to embarking on my latest exposé of the unethical, immoral and biased actions by the District Attorney’s Office, I have seen recently several news articles where kamala harris is rearing her ugly head much like “Aunt Esther”, and I know you know who “Aunt Esther” is. harris (I know you remember that I refuse to capitalize the names of people I have absolutely zero respect for) has been trying to gain publicity and being the poster child of the demoRAT party, a jackass. She is succeeding. She is incompetent and worthless as you will see in the following paragraphs.

larry morse III and several of his crooked henchmen within the Merced County District Attorney’s Office also protect corrupt and dirty cops. Not only does Turd morse protect them so does a worthless piece of trash named kamala harris as mentioned in this excerpt from a commentary I wrote on January 25, 2017: “I can tell you from experience that when reporting nefarious and illegal activities by law enforcement, kamala harris who is worthless refused to investigate and prosecute a Merced County deputy sheriff that I proved filed a felony false police report. I sent that worthless witch documents and a video proving the deputy’s guilt. She refused to prosecute. I don’t know if the newly appointed Atty. Gen. xavier becerra will be any better but I am thinking of given him a try”. (Nevermind. He’s just another demoRAT liberal. I’m not going to waste my time.)

So now we progress to Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office. As a mentioned in a couple of prior “S” Storm commentaries, trying to serve process on elected officials at the District Attorney’s Office, is like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall. But after I called chief deputy dave harris a cockroach for trying to avoid service of the subpoena, all of a sudden the Red Sea opened up and County Counsel accepted the subpoena.

Then when I went to serve the fladagator in her ivory tower, myself and Gene Forte were going to be thrown out of the lobby of the DA’s office and the guard stated they are going to call the police on orders from the upper floor. We told them to call the police and when we requested the name of the security guard who was throwing us out, he refused and the elevator doors opened like the gates of hell and a DA investigator told us that we would be advised later who would accept service.

It’s a good thing for sure that turd Dist. Atty.’s are elected rather than having to pass a knowledge test, background examination and a psychological examination. Merced and Stanislaus counties would not have the current District Attorney’s in office.

By the way, the fladagator and probably cockroach harris will be testifying sometime this week or the first part of next week in federal court in Fresno to try to defend the vicious assault and false arrest by one of Stanislaus County’s finest, Timothy Luke Schwartz on the person of Gene Forte.

Mr. Forte is the only person in the history of the United States to ever go into a federal court in Pro Se, acting as his own attorney and after an eight date jury trial, got a unanimous verdict against the former crooked mayor Tommy Jones, now indicted for bribery by a public official. He was awarded actual and punitive damages in excess of $17,000. I had the pleasure of sitting in federal court in Fresno and watching Tommy Jones tried to whine his way out of paying. Sorry Tommy, no luck. Ka ching, ka ching, let that cash register ring. Pony up Tommy. HAHAHA. Another crooked mayor bites the dust.

For you readers, this commentary is going to bounce around a little bit. Even though I have not been writing, I have obtained information about the proceedings from other sources.* ferreira called as one of her witnesses, Turlock police officer Kim Briggs. She had him all prepped up for what she thought would be slam-dunk testimony.

However upon questioning Officer Briggs, he was having some of the same recall problems that most of the persecutions dirt bag witnesses were having. He didn’t recall certain things that she felt were important and in fact Officer Briggs had even driven by the Carson property that morning before court to refresh his recollection. Well she went bonkers at that. She couldn’t wait to get him off the stand after the defense attorneys finished with him.

She is having other witness problems with the likes of Eula Keyes and Linda Burns both admitted thieves and drug users at various times. Things just aren’t going marvelously for ferreira and the jury is aware that. Chortle chortle.

I see that “Junk Science jimmy” (cook) is on the stand. There was a movie out sometime back called “Million Dollar Baby”. Ole jimmy and his boy Cheetah have been busy ripping the taxpayers off trying to prove his junk science. We know that this glorified cell phone salesman does not have a college degree and yet he is an alleged expert in Verizon sales. It appears that he is trying to live up to the title of that movie and he refuses at this point to tell exactly how much he’s ripped the taxpayers off for. Update: AS OF MAY 2018 THE FIGURE IS $349,000 +.

The DA had a hard time finding ole jimmy and Cheetah for the trial. Word has it that they had to drag jimmy and Cheetah screaming off the beach in Aruba from that fabulous vacation Stanislaus County taxpayers paid for. Too many piña colada’s and Long Island iced teas I guess. Chortle chortle!!

I’m going to insert here an article regarding how fantastic of an expert ole jimmy is from a case in Santa Clara County in which defense attorney Mark Geragos made a fool out of him.

Cook, a former AT&T field representative who now trains law-enforcement officials on analyzing wireless devices, presented the jury in Zumot’s murder-arson trial Friday with detailed spreadsheets listing all calls and text messages made and received by Zumot and Schipsi, including ones they exchanged between themselves.

He also produced a series of maps illustrating the coverage areas of the towers the two cell phones used between the evening of Oct. 14 and the evening of Oct. 15.

Cook’s testimony was instantly disputed by Zumot’s attorney Mark Geragos, who produced his own AT&T records and argued that the data Cook relied on doesn’t actually exist. Geragos showed the jury the AT&T report listing the call data from the two phones. For the three phone calls in which the two phones appeared to be traveling together, the fields that normally display data for cell towers were blank.

Geragos blasted Cook’s findings and told him to produce the AT&T report on which he based his conclusions. When Cook couldn’t produce that report, Geragos pointed out repeatedly that the numbers Cook was showing the jurors was an Excel spreadsheet that Cook himself had put together — not raw data from the company.

“There isn’t a single record from AT&T that has this cell-tower data,” Geragos said during his cross-examination.

Cook said that while the data was missing in this report, he requested more information from AT&T later. He said all the data he used in his analysis came from AT&T. He also said that he had not read any police reports relating to this case.

Here is a comment made in the local media:

Posted by Domanica

You must not have been paying attention to the truth that was said today in court. Well, you did but you don’t care for the truth. Mr. Cook was caught in a lie! Point blank, that’s the truth. He was asked, ” did you make up these spreadsheets” and his answer was YES. Yes, with the look of shame and embarrassment because he was caught.

You did not like the outcome of today’s BLOW to the da’s fabricated case so now you want to take it out on the reporter, for simply doing his job, reporting what happen.

Remember, the truth will always prevail!

For those of you citizens who have not been in court, I am adding a picture of ole Jimmy for your information. I was told that this picture shows Jimmy proudly holding up the new bag of money for being salesman of the year at that no name cell phone company. I know he’s proud and we’re proud of him. Chortle chortle!!!

So according to the Palo Alto Times, ole Jimmy seemed to have been caught in a lie in a murder trial in Santa Clara County. Making up his own charts and trying to get those to fly. To quote the Palo Alto Times reporter, ole Jimmy is a “former AT&T field representative” who now trains law-enforcement officials… The nagging question is does jimmy junior (Cheetah) go along while he’s training the law enforcement officials to answer the questions that daddy can’t? Don’t know, don’t really care. Just saying…

As I have said before numerous times, the majority of all of our law enforcement personnel are hard-working, dedicated, trustworthy and put their lives on the line each day and night protecting us. Bless those and keep them safe. But for those few that are egregiously and criminally abusing the justice system for their own vendetta and personal gain in the DA’s office need to be weeded out before more people’s lives are ruined because of an agenda driven retaliation.

I think it’s time that citizens of Stanislaus County begin to stand up and call for this horrendous miscarriage of justice to end. We need to gather strong and united and demonstrate in front of the District Attorney’s Office and make sure all of the major news networks are present. Maybe with this type of pressure, the Board of Supervisors may remember that they are elected and not appointed and elections do happen. As you know Supervisor Jim Demartini said in public that at least $3 million had already been spent on a case the district attorney cannot win.

That figure has now escalated to somewhere in the neighborhood of $4-$5 million. I think Jim Demartini should caucus with his fellow supervisors and convince them to stop pouring money down the drain and have the district attorney dismiss these charges against the Carson 8.

If they got ole Jimmy and Jimmy Junior who have produced no evidence of guilt of any of the Carson 8, off the stand and out of town, the DA could cut her losses which if this farce continues, may exceed a half million paid to them alone. There used to be a saying during the depression, which I missed by the way, by Herbert Hoover that said – “A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage”. At the rate we are paying the Cook team, ole Jimmy doesn’t want chicken but wants pressed duck under glass, a glass of Domaine Georges & Christophe Roumier Musigny Grand Cru 1990 (Google it) and not a car but a RR Silver Cloud for Cheetah and himself. If this farce isn’t stopped soon, he may get his wish.

So let’s think about getting a demonstration together to show the Board of Supervisors and the world that we are tired of this lack of judicial wisdom, personal agenda driven vendettas, the egregious drain of wasted money and the destruction of human lives.

I understand that when the transcripts for this travesty of justice are printed, the opening line is going to be “Once Upon a Time”. Just saying…

So this point it appears that the defense attorneys here are exposing some of his ill-conceived charts and other propaganda he is trying to sell the jury. But I think they are keeping their wallets and purses closed and not buying into his fairytale.

I’m just going to throw in here again the fact that the FLADAGATOR has not once graced the court with the honor of her presence. Chortle chortle. Judge Zuniga even commented on that fact during the preliminary hearing.You would think that the prosecution Queen Bee would be all over this case taking credit for what a great job her staff is doing. But no!!! WHAT IS SHE AFRAID OF? WHAT IS SHE ASHAMED OF? WHAT IS SHE WORRIED ABOUT? We may never know unless she wants to tell us during her going away party in November 2018 when John Mayne takes over as an honest, ethical, principled, moral and truthful Dist. Atty. GO JOHN MAYNE!!! Drain the swamp John!!!

I have so much more to write and in my next commentary I will again show that ferreira is a bald faced liar as proven by a brave deputy public defender during the preliminary hearing. Some of you that have read some of my prior commentaries will know what I’m talking about but I’m going to bring it back again for those that had not read prior commentaries.

So I will be back soon, very soon with my next commentary.





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