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This Commentary Is A Little Lengthy but I think if you read it all the way through even if it takes a couple of sessions you will find it both informative and entertaining. Once I get started I get excited and just can’t stop writing.

On July 18, 2019, I attended the morning session of the pretrial hearing for Walter Wells. I had been advised that public defender Peter Rodriquez was turning the case over to attorney Robert Forkner. As I got to the court early, I approached Robert Forkner and confirmed with him that he was going to take over the defense for Walter.

He confirmed that he was and that it was the “right thing to do”. I sincerely applaud Mr. Forkner for taking on this responsibility. He is a great attorney and he is more than familiar with this persecution that’s been going on for almost 5 years. Mr. Forkner was Georgia DeFilippo’s attorney during this costly wasteful egregious and worthless persecution by fladagar. He is more than familiar with all of MF’s slimy underhanded sleaze ball gutter tripe tactics.

March 22, 2016. I will paste in a section of what I wrote on that date: “I have been watching with disdain the machinations being perpetrated by Ferreira in this hearing. (For information Webster’s defines machination as “a scheming or crafty action or artful design intended to accomplish some usually evil end”). Oh Cinderella does that shoe fit? That is very apt description of Ferreira’s conduct. Her bullying and condescending attitude toward not just the defense but sometimes toward the judge has resulted in her being put in her place numerous times by Judge Zuniga. Slap, slap, slap!

One of the most recent examples of her pompous, arrogant, disdainful, haughty, condescending and snobbish attitude came to light when defense attorney Robert Forkner noting that both the judge and Ferreira were reading from a transcript, requested that the court provide a copy of the transcript for his client Georgia DeFilippo to aid in the defense.

Even before the judge could say anything Ferreira immediately blurted out “if she can afford $365,000 to get out of jail, she can certainly afford to pay for her own transcripts”. Only an ignoramus (Webster defines ignoramus as “an utterly ignorant person :  dunce) would make such a cold and heartless statement. Does whale crap on the ocean floor sound appropriate here? That requires a yes or no answer. My answer contains three letters. I think that paints a perfect picture of MF.

Actually my personal opinion is that calling MF will crop on the ocean floor, is an insult to whale crap all over the ocean floor. She gives whale crap a bad name. She has been effectively thrown under the bus by fladager who has not once during this trial from preliminary day one through the preliminary hearing for Walter Wells on July 18, 2019 has never once shown her kisser in court. As I mentioned in prior commentaries, when the judge released the defendants on their own recognizance on a murder charge, the judge said the DA should be here. NO SHOW EVER!!! It’s fladager’s flagrant and egregious abuse of the power of the office of a district attorney joins the ranks of several other corrupt, dishonest and fraudulent district attorney’s. The first one that comes to mind is former  Merced County Dist. Atty. Gordon Spencer. This turned resigned in July 2006 amid many allegations of misconduct and abuse of power after an investigation by the California Atty. Gen. was initiated. Spencer’s announcement did not mention the state investigations, which a spokesman for the state attorney general’s office said would continue.

The investigations began two months ago after the Merced Sun-Star reported that Spencer had collected about $57,000 in car and phone allowances over a seven-year period while using government equipment. There were many other accusations of his misconduct and abuse of power that you can find by googling Merced County Dist. Atty. Gordon Spencer and all of the shady shenanigans are right there for your perusal and pleasure.

Old Gordy boy was effectively stealing taxpayers money by falsifying car and phone allowances over a seven-year period. Now in our case of fladager, it was reported that she and her other henchman former Sheriff Christensen, misappropriated either state or federal gang monies that was supposed to be used to fight the gang problem. She used that money to finance her task force to try to falsely prosecute Frank Carson. fladagar should be made to account for all the money that was diverted from where it should have been that went into her witch hunt, and we all know about witch hunts don’t we. Old flaky fladagar. So both she and old Gordy boy misappropriated public funds.

Then we have longtime incumbent Orange County Dist. Atty. Tony Rackauckas.

The district attorney’s race was among the ugliest in Southern California. Spitzer, an Orange County supervisor and former assemblyman, most recently accused Rackauckas of subverting the criminal justice system for political gain by waiting to file a high-profile rape case until just before the midterm elections.

His campaign also highlighted allegations that Rackauckas’ office illegally used jailhouse informants to obtain confessions. In 2015, a criminal court judge removed the district attorney’s office from the murder trial of Scott Dekraai, who shot and killed his ex-wife and seven others at a Seal Beach salon in 2011.

The so-called snitch scandal resulted in reduced or thrown-out charges in several other criminal cases and the retrial of several convicted killers. The district attorney’s office is now facing a civil lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union.

My, my people. Here we have another co-inkeedinkey a.k.a. coincidence. No such thing in these cases it’s all carefully preconceived and planned to try to succeed in their nefarious illegal illicit conduct. We already know that 90% of fladagers witnesses are all pre-felony dirtbags, currently in trial felony dirtbags, convicted felony dirtbags, $400,000 witnesses that make up their own make-believe phone records that scammed the county taxpayers. We all thank God that the jury saw through this egregious case of malicious prosecution. The DAs live on snitches.

California Attorney General’s Office Declared they Conducted an InvestigationCategories: OCDA Investigator attacks Public Defender ScandalTimelines: OCDA Investigator attacks Public Defender Scandal

June 3, 2016/in OCDA Investigator attacks Public Defender Scandal OCDA Investigator attacks Public Defender Scandal

California Attorney General’s office declared they conducted “a thorough and independent investigation” that left them baffled about who was the aggressor deserving criminal charges: unwounded DA investigator Dillon Alley or pummeled lawyer James Crawford.

A deputy AG, Theodore Cropley, took a front row seat at special, 2014-15 evidentiary hearings in People v. Scott Dekraai, heard dozens of hours of perjury committed by sheriff’s deputies in that death penalty case and couldn’t muster the courage to bring charges there either. According to Steering, he’ll seek justice with a civil lawsuit inside Orange County’s federal courthouse.

So here we have an Orange County Dist. Atty. investigator who beats the crap out of a public defender and if you look at the pictures the public defender black-eyed bruises and was looks like he’d been mugged. While actually he was by district attorney Tony Rackauckas’s thug investigators. And the California Atty. Gen. does absolutely nothing about it. The scumbags at the California Atty. Gen.’s office also didn’t do anything about the Merced County Deputy Sheriff I caught committing perjury and filing a felony false police report. The California State Atty. Gen.’s office sucks.

It’s now what happened in Orange County happen in a scale not quite is big here, but definitely completely uncalled for. When Cap’n Crunch bunch and Baby Huey Evers went to the Pop and Cork in Turlock this is what happened:

June 6, 2016As Detective Evers and Special Agent Bunch began to talk to Baljit, Baljit took out his telephone and began to record the interview. When Special Agent Bunch and Evers saw that, Special Agent Bunch said “You know that’s illegal to do that?”. Being confronted by two law enforcement officers one being very large in stature and knowing if they had a badge they had guns, Baljit became intimidated by their authoritarian bearing.  Baljit immediately turned his phone off and stopped recording not knowing what to expect from these two if he did not stop”.

This is another example of the JACKBOOTED THUG BEHAVIOR that Bunch and his minions employ to try to intimidate, threaten, harass, badger and bully citizens. All of you reading this commentary need to take heed. This very type of egregious misconduct could happen to you because there is apparently no “off” switch to throw on the storm troopers. Their supervisors certainly don’t make any attempt to stop these violations of civil rights and in fact probably condone their behavior.


I’m going to give you two more examples below of the type of vicious vindictive manner in which the District Attorney’s Office punishes you if you do not say what they want you to say.

August 12, 2016We all remember that incident in which this dynamic duo went to Turlock to intim, interr I mean interview Mr. Samra before defense attorney Forkner could talk to him. After verbally beating Mr. Samra about the head shoulders and shins and when departing admonished him that “this didn’t happen” and “we weren’t here”. So that means that if someone asked Mr. Samra under oath if Special Agent Kirk Bunch and Mme. chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira were there, they would be guilty of a violation of California Penal Code section 127 a felony, subordination of perjury. What is this world coming to? We know at least here in Stanislaus County don’t we people. Just saying…

Then in court when Mr. Samra did not provide the answers that Mme. chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira wanted, she showed that she slept through the class on integrity and ethics and said to him “Don’t you have a warrant out for you?” Well he did have and they knew that a few days prior when they intim, interr I mean interviewed him at his business in Turlock. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder could easily see that Mme. chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira did that as a vindictive punishment to teach him a lesson. What a cheap shot by Ferreira. DISGUSTING!

Do not be foolish enough to think that the Dist. Atty. is not completely aware of all of the prosecutorial misconduct perpetrated by her minions. There is no doubt that they have staff meetings every day to try to minimize the damage that is happening to their case. Now that the worst has happened to them, with the judge’s release of three people accused of murder with special circumstances on their own recognizance, they are spending nights trying to do damage control.


Okay, I just can’t stop myself now that I’m on a roll so here goes another.

June 6, 2016 As Detective Evers and Special Agent Bunch began to talk to Baljit, Baljit took out his telephone and began to record the interview. When Special Agent Bunch and Evers saw that, Special Agent Bunch said “You know that’s illegal to do that?”. Being confronted by two law enforcement officers one being very large in stature and knowing if they had a badge they had guns, Baljit became intimidated by their authoritarian bearing.  Baljit immediately turned his go to sleep for now phone off and stopped recording not knowing what to expect from these two if he did not stop”.

This is another example of the jackbooted thug behavior that Bunch and his minions employ to try to intimidate, threaten, harass, badger and bully citizens. All of you reading this commentary need to take heed. This very type of egregious misconduct could happen to you because there is apparently no “off” switch to throw on the storm troopers. Their supervisors certainly don’t make any attempt to stop these violations of civil rights and in fact probably condone their behavior.

In both of these instances the common denominator seems to be Special Agent Bunch who feels he has a green light to use any tactics he deems necessary to again harass, intimidate and terrorize citizens. It is known that Cap’n Crunch Bunch cannot function without his gun. Sometime back a deputy Dist. Atty. had something to say about Bunch’s use of his gun. Those of you who are familiar with that situation know what I mean. So let’s look a little further regarding guns.

March 19, 2016If you look at the video of the raid that Kirk Bunch and “Bunch’s Marauders” including  Steve Jacobson made on AJ Pontillo’s office, you will see the same Jack booted Nazi thug type of behavior including Bunch waving around a gun in the office. AJ Pontillo’s picture was not on the post office wall but maybe Bunch’s should be with the caption armed and dangerous. As I mentioned in my prior commentary, if something isn’t done by the district attorney to quell her investigators tide of terrorism, anyone reading this is subject to the same treatment. So beware out there John Q and Jane Q Public!  YOU MAY BY NEXT!!! We should be scared. Also as I said in a prior post, if the police stopped to question you make no statement whatsoever. Tell them to arrest you and you will call your attorney. Remember, if there has been a crime committed and they think you had something to do with it, they are not your friends. Say nothing ! Just saying…

During the armed invasion of Frank Carson’s office by Bunch, Navarro and Evers, Bunch and Navarro while harassing Frank Carson in his conference room made sure that Frank Carson knew they were armed as Frank Carson reported in his call to 911. I decided to do a little research on people who advertise that they are armed with a gun rather than in fact appear unarmed and their motivation for doing so.

Having breezed through a couple of articles in Psychiatric Times, I found a couple of articles interesting.:

“Freud and Jung offered some basic interpretations. For instance, in their shape, guns can be an obvious phallic symbol. – See more at:

Men, whether intentional or not, tend to confuse their guns for their penises. The bigger the gun/penis, the more masculine they are. Guns have become penis extensions, if not penis substitutes, and the phallic similarities are obvious. From a very early age, men are taught that guns are a manly-man guy thing. Hunting and shooting are manly activities, we’re told, and any dude who’s packing heat is a total badass because guns are badass.” Especially if you are a DA investigator”. I wonder what caliber Cap’n Crunch Bunch thinks he is? Just saying…

Last Tuesday in court for the start of the Walter Wells persecution, it was great to see so many people there that are supporting Walter. Frank Carson was there, his mother was there Teri Wells Locke was there, Tammy was there, Bobby and D were there, Marty was there, Scott McFarland’s parents were there, Felicia was there, Mary Lynn was there and of course I was there. It was just like old times from the days of the preliminary hearing to right now.

Of course we were all joyful for justice having been served for 6 of the Carson 8 up to this point. MF came to court about 50 minutes late as if she was taking lessons from the Princess at the top of the DA tower. Oh wait a minute, silly me. I forgot that Princess fladagar has never been late coming to court in this case. Ya know why?  Princess fladager has never ever in her life ever appeared in court in this case. She’s too busy driving the bus that she’s going to run over MF with.

When Walter Wells and Scott McFarland are exonerated in this exercise in idiocy by perpetrated by Princess fladager with MF and Cap’n Crunch Bunch as aiders and abettors and co-conspirators. This whole dog and pony show and circus put on by the Princess needs to be investigated by the state Atty. Gen.’s office. Oh wait!! Hi just remembered those dirtbags in the state Atty. Gen.’s office don’t punish bad law enforcement personnel either. All the screw of dirtbags that is been trying to maliciously prosecute innocent people need to be fired. fladager has to be recalled putting the caboose of the Amtrak train and run into never never land. Anywhere but here again.

Somebody mentioned that fladager was a has-been as far as the office of district attorney goes. I don’t think that that’s the right thing to say. I reject anyone calling her a has-been. She can’t possibly be a has-been because she is a “never was”. She is in the same pot of crap as the other corrupt DA’s I mentioned earlier, Gordon Spencer and Tony Rackauckas. They are all egregious, atrocious, vicious, vindictive, spiteful, malicious, nasty, malevolent dung heaps.

At the July 16, 2019 meeting of the Board of Supervisors, I appeared and read the following statement for the full five minutes that I was given. I just wish I been given five hours, well not really but I could have done and hour. I’m going to cut-and-paste what I read at the supervisors meeting. So here it is:

Good evening:

“My name is Warren Yates and I am a member of the Stanislaus taxpayers Association.

The reason I am here tonight is because as a taxpayer I feel there has to be some accountability for all the taxpayers’ money that are being wasted by the district attorney in a malicious prosecution. For those of you that may not have heard and I’m sure you all have, the jury trial for Frank Carson and the Athwal brothers resulted in acquittal on all charges.

Frank Carson’s wife, stepdaughter and California Highway Patrol officer Eddie Quintanar had all their charges dismissed prior. That accounts for six of the original Carson eight as I labeled them. There are two left, Walter Wells and Scott McFarland. The last word I heard from one of the attorneys involved was that fladager had planned to go ahead and prosecute the remaining two. It’s hard to prosecute somebody for accessory to a crime when a crime has never been proven.

It may be just that fladager wants to get somebody out of this boondoggle of a malicious prosecution.

Mr. Demartini, do you recall a meeting at 1010 10th St., Place in May 16, 2016 and started at 9:07 AM and you were in a meeting with Kirk Bunche Melissa F. John Doering and Rob Taro regarding Korey Kauffman remember that?

It’s during that meeting Special Agent Bunche said well let me ask you this did you say 3 million when he asked you that question about how much the case was costing so far, you said yes that was a rumor I heard it was 3 million I couldn’t tell you where it came from. Do you know how much it is now Mr. Demartini? The latest estimate which the DA refused to make an accounting for is at approximately  $15 million.

Over $400,000 of that amount was given to glorified cell phone salesman Jim Cook that Ms. Ferreira brought in as a phone expert. He was completely impeached during the jury trial meaning his testimony was worth zero. No credibility.I did a background check on Jim Cook and had the DA done it they would have also found that he was made a fool of and completely impeached in a murder trial in Santa Clara County in which Mark Geragos showed that he was a liar and that he had made up his own charts much like he did here with his protractor. We call him protractor Jim

Mr. Demartini you were then asked by Bunch if you made a comment about the witnesses. You said you did. Bunch asked what did you say and you said their credibility was in question with me just because they’re drug addicts and thieves what I’ve seen in the paper’s.

Also during this meeting and I am deleting some of my questions you were asked by Bunch, did you say now I don’t know if it’s true or not because Carmen says that you said that after this case that if we don’t win this case that Bridget and I will be packing. Remember saying that on the radio?

When pressed Bunch asked you okay, did you say that or not? You said no I did not and Bunch said okay so you would say Mr. Sabatino lied about this? And at that point County Counsel Mr. Doering jumped right in so you wouldn’t say anymore.

So as a member of the Stanislaus taxpayers Association I want accountability I want fladager to be made to show how much money was spent on this malicious prosecution. Also how many more million will she waste if she tries to take the last two innocent people of the eight to trial?

The DA has to go. She’s been an embarrassment to law enforcement in this county and district attorneys in general. Over the years she has failed miserably in her attempt to prosecute innocent people because Frank Carson has figuratively rammed her false charges back down her throat. Do the names Carmen Sabatino, AJ Pontillo, Frank Drummond, Christina DeFilippo, Georgia DeFilippo and Eduardo Quintanar, Jr. ring a bell?

Three seven and eight digit lawsuits have already been filed and we know three more coming now and once Walter Wells and Scott McFarland are exonerated there will be two more. A total of eight lawsuits over malicious prosecution. Board of Supervisors it’s time for you to put a stop to this madness and remove fladager before she makes the county file bankruptcy”.

I was unable to look at any of the supervisors to see their reaction because I was so busy reading and I wanted to get it all in. I finished at about 4: 57 on the clock. They will remember my name because I intend to go there as often as possible to support Princess fladager. To support getting her removed by office either by defunding of the District Attorney’s Office thus forcing her out or by recall.

There is a recall now starting up to get rid of this blight in law enforcement that we are stuck with. There will be a Facebook posting regarding this shortly. I happen to be the treasurer of the recall. One of my friends reminded me of this:

In 2014 there was an effort made to recall BIRGIT FLADAGER because of the corruption within the office. During that recall effort coincidently, the treasurer of that recall effort was Baljit Atwal, a business owner in Turlock. That was in 2014. Where does Baljit Atwal find himself in 2016? Sitting in Department 26 and being accused of murder. Mere coincidence? I think not. How dare he take part in an effort to recall the Dist. Atty. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

My friend asked are you worried?  My answer was: “DON’T SING IT, BRING IT”. There are four attorneys that would love to take my case if the Princess tries to falsely accuse me for a crime like she did the Carson 8. They would all want part of the multimillion dollar lawsuit they would file on my behalf along with the eight. Three of those are filed, three are pending since the acquittals and there will be two more when Walter and Scott are exonerated.

Well there’s so much more I like to write to refresh everybody’s recollection about this crooked and corrupt District Attorney’s Office. It will come in time.


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